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The Best of Couture Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Couture Fashion week was not strong this year. Chanel and Elie Saab both repeated what we have seen for the past two years if not more, which means I had to look for new designers to love. Luckily I was successful in finding a new designer to love and at the same time extending my love for some of my favourite designers.

Stephane Rolland
21 January 2014

My new favourite couture designer is Stephane Rolland. More than anything I loved the colours he chose. Navy, white, orange and yellow are not colours we are used to seeing in winter and when one thinks of couture, bright colours are the last thing on your mind.
That is what makes this show different to what is known to be couture, this is young couture and it is beautiful.

Even though the collection is not what we used to, it definitely defines avant garde. The silhouettes are exaggerated and extra fabric is added in the right place to make sure it is something you have never seen before.
There was no need for embellishments or strong jewellery, the colour and fabric spoke for itself.

The Best of Couture Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013

I would like to see some of these dresses worn on the red carpet and many could even be altered to be worn at weddings, matric dances or any other formal event.

It was a beautiful simple collection which can be adapted by anyone and everyone. I am glad to have found a new couture designer, was starting to lose hope.

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Giorgio Armani
22 January 2014

I absolutely loved this collection, I just wish it wasn't couture. If it wasn't couture, we would all have a chance to own it.

Even though the collection comprised of different prints, patterns and cuts it was a cohesive collection that was bought together by choice of fabric.
This is a collection for a woman whose style is not dictated by current fashion trends. A woman who has studied fashion but not at a tertiary institute. A woman who is aware of her style. Armani has not even illustrated one fashion trend which makes it real couture.

I adore the headscarves more than most outfits. The colour palette is absolutely beautiful and is what drew me to the collection.

Armani showed everything from gowns to tailored pants. You may not be able to buy this collection but that does not mean you should not take inspiration from it. One thing I can say is that this was more than a collection, it was a display of how women should dress. It has been a long time since I have seen styling like this and I hope other designers take note. You can spend all your days and nights designing beautiful clothes however if they are not styled properly, your work counts for nothing and women don't dress nicely.

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22 January 2014

“Couture is an opportunity to dream for us, whereas ready-to-wear is our opportunity to give dreams to many people,” said Valentino designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli.

How I would love to be part of Valentino's dream. This was the best collection at Couture Fashion Week.
As confusing as this might sound, it was very light and angelic but at the same time strong and heavy.

Some garments were hand painted and others garnished with fabric made to look like a snake. We didn't enter a normal dream, it was an adventurous one made up of different scenes.

The Best of Fall Couture - Paris 2012

Women were covered up in layers of fabric which makes sense as it was an autumn/winter collection. The colours used also support the season.

Every woman could find something to wear from this collection. It exhibited coats, jackets, dresses and gowns.

It was a beautiful collection which showed that different women can dress from the same designer. Not only did it provide us with beautiful clothes, the show gave us a journey we can all travel on.

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