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The Best of Menswear Fashion Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Menswear has become a fundamental part of fashion. There are whole blogs and tumblr accounts which are dedicated to mens fashion only. Unfortunately for men there is not a lot to choose from so various prints and styling options determines what will trend.
This year prepare to see a lot more print than we used to and it seems as if layering is back to stay. There was a lot of colour in other shows but more and more designers are turning to browns, greys and black for this winter.
Below I have listed the best collections to come out of the 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter Menswear Fashion Week. It was a boring season for menswear as many designers stuck to what they know so it was it was easy to separate the ordinary from the extraordinary.

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A Sauvage
08 January 2014
London Fashion Week

Suits and print sweaters, what is not to love about the A Sauvage mens show. What I really liked about this show is the design element of all items.
If the silhouette of an item of clothing wasn't designed differently, a different fabric or pattern was used compared to what we used to seeing.

The colour palette is great. The blues, purples and grey all work really well together. I was really excited to see the inclusion of velvet, it is a fabric we don't see often on the runway and I would love to see more men wearing it.
I'm not too keen on the velvet pants but the red velvet suit is wonderful and would take a very confident man to wear it.

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One thing I appreciate about this collection is that Adrien Sauvage, chose the right models. I always say that models should represent the personality your clothes carry and Sauvage did just that. All the men who walked in the show are modern men of society, they can wear print suits to work and also dress them down for a night event.

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Burberry Prorsum
08 January 2014
London Fashion Week

If your heart has never skipped a beat while looking at clothes, you have obviously never watched a Burberry Prorsum show. Once again Christopher Bailey has shown the world why he is the best at what he does. Bold prints and colour are the foundation of his Autumn/winter show and I love it.

Fashion is not only about good looking clothes, it is about creating new designs, creating a different outlook to clothes.
Instead of the outerwear being fitted to the body, it is just thrown onto it. It's an organised dishevelled look which has been prominent on the runway.

I don't have a favourite look, they are all great and make me wonder what the women's autumn/winter collection will look like.

More than anything I appreciate the thought that went into this collection. The fabrics that were chosen and how they would be used is a thought process only a true designer knows well. If you look closely you can see that at times, two different fabrics and two different patterns where used together.

This collection has every item of clothing a man would need to complete his winter wardrobe. Job well done once again by Christopher Bailey.

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11 January 2014
New York Fashion Week

If you are not into experimental fashion the Corneliani collection is for you. The show not only exhibited what will trend in menswear this season but also how to wear it. It was a collection of what one would find in retail stores.

Black was the foundation of the collection which I loved. I always think one should wear black during winter instead of brighter colours. There was also some dark plaid which was absolutely gorgeous.
The collection also transitioned into grey and brown, an almost Burberry brown which will be a must for this winter.
Knit and leather were also included into the collection.

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The one thing I really appreciated about this show is that Corneliani did not go over the edge and try be too daring. This collection is a clear example that if you keep things simple, people will appreciate your work.

Like I mentioned before, if you are only interested in wearing clothes you used to seeing in store, this is the collection for you. It's sleek and does not sell it's soul into current trends.

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12 January 2014
Milan Fashion Week

If you prefer to be a hipster, the Missoni collection is for you. The styling of the show was not incredible but all individual pieces are beautiful. I love the prints that have been used, it gives the show a more authentic feel.

Out of all the collections I have seen, this the only one I can say would be popular amongst retailers in South Africa. Of course Missoni would not be sold in South African stores but it would be definitely recreated.

The blankets are something different. In certain African cultures, men wear blankets so it is not something new for Africans. However I am not sure how one would incorporate a blanket into their wardrobe, maybe scarves will become bigger and longer. Men might not wear blankets during the day but it does bring up the idea of layering which we have not seen in a while.

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I am not to keen on the choice of shoes. Sandals were worn with socks which I don't like. I do like the sneakers though.

All in all it was a really good simple show with a good colour palette. It played with current trends and tried to make them current for this year and next year by changing them.

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17 January 2014
Paris Fashion Week

This collection had one of the best colour palettes. I really do not like the colour brown but after looking at the Berluti show I can forgive people wearing brown.

The almost burgundy coat is an absolute favourite and it made me reconsider getting a coat in that exact same colour.
I always find white tricky to wear in winter but the crisp white jackets and coats are beautiful.

This collection illustrated how a well dressed man should look in winter. There is not one item of clothing I did not like in this show. The coats were a favourite and so were the slim trousers.

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Not only was each garment designed well, it was styled properly. The bags are gorgeous and I love the inclusion of a scarf and gloves.

Berluti's collection has every item and garment needed for this winter and winters to come. It is a classic collection and can be worn by men of any age for years.

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