Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Best of London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

London Fashion Week should get a name change, it should be called Experimental Fashion Week. Even though many of the shows were too experimental for ready-to-wear collections, there was a lot more to choose from at London Fashion Week compared to New York. Designers made a greater effort and have finally given women something to wear. The favourites impressed and new emerging designers still proved that they have more foundation to build.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label
16 February 2014

I can't say I am Vivienne Westwood's greatest fan but I do appreciate the style she has bought to the fashion industry. Her collections are always similar if not the same however this season her style has become relevant.

Tartan is the go to print this autumn and winter and Vivienne Westwood is one of the only designers who knows how to dress it.
Besides the tartan, the show looked like it was inspired by a modern day Alice in Wonderland. It's quirky and fun, it also brings fun to the workplace.
The office can be such a boring place but if you had to wear Vivienne Westwood to work, you would feel as if you were in a different '80s movie everyday.

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I love the inclusion of red, it is a difficult colour to wear in winter but Westwood suggests that all red outfits are not a problem.

Overall the collection shows how powerful women should dress to work. Black, navy and brown have become boring and they are not the only colours used to gain respect anymore.
If you are looking to change your work wardrobe this winter, look at more photographs from this collection. It will definitely make you the go-to-woman in the office.

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Burberry Prorsum
17 February 2014

There is a very big difference between designing clothes and creating fashion. Fashion is art and Christopher Bailey creates some of the best art of our time.

If you cannot appreciate the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, you do not respect the art of fashion. Christopher Bailey has once again proved that he is the King of London Fashion Week.

Coats were tied with belts and draped in scarves that looked like blankets and all clothing and accessories reminded one of an art gallery.

The style is dishevelled which is the complete opposite to a more tailored look we have been seeing the past couple of seasons. Dishevelled but put well together.

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A trend I like to call pattern blocking was very present in the collection. It can be very difficult to pair different patterns together, especially if different colour palettes are used but because Bailey is a genius, it works in this show.
The mix of patterns adds to the dishevelled look and gives winter wardrobes some life. Too long have black, navy and brown ruled the winter wardrobe.

Cara Delevigne closed the show in her customised Burberry scarf, a scarf that makes me very envious. Once again it was a brilliant show by Bailey and expect to see more of the scarves/blankets in retail stores.

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Mary Katrantzou
17 February 2014

London Fashion Week favourite Mary Katrantzou has changed the look of her brand. The designer who usually lets digital print walk down the runway decided to play with proportion and a different type of print for the label's autumn/winter collection.

The colour palette is beautiful and all the colours go well together. A favourite is the maroon and the deep green. The silver shiny fabric also makes the collection young and adds a bit of summer shine.

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However I love the play on proportion more than the colour palette. Short dresses were draped with longer fabrics on the left playing on the blanket trend we saw in Burberry.
Some garments also promote subtle pleats which I absolutely love.

It was a beautiful show and Mary Katrantzou is slowly but surely becoming one of my favourite designers, after Christopher Bailey.

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Paul Smith
17 February 2014

Every now and again women like to dress like men. If you like to do that, Paul Smith is the next shop you should walk into.

Playing with the popular pyjama trend from last season Sir Paul Smith provided a collection for women who prefer to dress like their counterparts.

Pattern blocking once again was the big trend in this collection and it works well with the chosen fabrics.
Fur was even included in the collection which is something different from Smith.

I didn't always agree with the styling of the show but one could always wear the items as individuals and style them in their own way.

It was not the most cohesive show he has ever put on but in this day and age whose wardrobe is cohesive?

Look out for retail stores recreating this collection. It might not be Paul Smith but at least you can let people know where you got inspiration from when you buy the garments at your local retail store.

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