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The Best of New York Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Going into New York Fashion week I knew I was not going to see magic, that is why I decided to look for new designers. If I decided to look at this fashion week like I have done all the other years, I would have failed as a blogger.
You won't see Marc Jacobs or Jason Wu in this blog post, it's time for a new set of designers to set trends.

This season at New York Fashion week, fashion went back to the basics. For the first time in a very long time I have had a lot more shows to work with while writing this post. I did not add all the shows I found interesting because as different as they were, they were collections I had seen before.

Yigal Azrouel
09 February 2014

I absolutely loved this show. The tailoring, choice of fabric and styling were all on point. This is a show for women who would like to be fashion forward but not make a fool of themselves.

I definitely think I preferred the styling of the show more than the individual pieces.
The asymmetry in some of the pieces is beautiful and does not make one look like a clown.
The colours suit a winter palette and so do the fabrics chosen.

The collection redefined how stylish women should dress. As mentioned before, one would not make a fool of themselves while wearing this collection. It has all the elements that to make a woman the best dressed in the office or social scene.
Knits and leather were paired together which will prove to be a big trend this year amongst men and women.
The silhouette is fluid which hints to a new era of style.

Yigal Azrouel did an excellent job with this show and one should consider having his items in their closet.

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10 February 2014

The collection shown by Milly would usually never make it to my fashion week blog posts. Michelle Smith, the designer of Milly provided women with a wide variety to choose from which is sometimes needed at fashion week. To many times designers present a collection which can only be worn by one type of woman, Smith showed a collection worthy for any type of woman and that is why I like it.

I love the mix of textures and fabrics in this collection. Fur was worn with sheer, metallics with cotton and tulle, it was something different for a collection which could be worn by the everyday woman.

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It was not the most cohesive show I have ever seen but a woman's wardrobe need not be cohesive. Women should be allowed the opportunity to change their style as they wish.

Metallics and fur are definitely a trend we will be seeing this autumn and winter and if you are unsure of how to wear it, just refer back to the Milly show.

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Badgley Mischka
11 February 2014

All women want to have some Kardashian or Jersey Shore in their wardrobe. If you do like Kardashian and Jersey Shore glamour look no further than Badgley Mischka for inspiration.

The nice thing about this collection is that you can get an outfit for work, dinner, a night out on the town, your friends' wedding and your own wedding.

Not only is this a collection for the Kardashians or members of the Jersey Shore, it could also be worn by someone who wants to emulate Cruella de Ville. Yes she was cruel but she had a beautiful wardrobe.

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The difference between this collection and most of the collections which show at New York Fashion Week is that it can be attainable by women who can not afford designer wear. Yes, you would have to get the replica at your nearest retail store but you can at least claim your inspiration from Badgley Mischka.

I think it was cute to add fur to the gowns, it might not be practical for gala dinners but New York women could make it work. This was a collection which illustrated how a classic New York woman dresses.

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Narciso Rodriguez
11 February 2014

It will not be a New York Fashion Week Blog Post without a collection that shows the influence of minimalism. This year Narciso Rodriguez did a good job at showing how one could turn their wardrobe into a minimalistic one.

The minimalism shown is not as brutal as what one would see at Calvin Klein partially due to the fact that garments were panelled with different colours.

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A trend I am starting to notice would be the use of different textures in one outfit ... texture blocking, fabric blocking? Whatever you would like to call it, it will be a big trend this winter.
Shiny and matte are paired together and there is also subtle colour blocking in this collection.

I loved the colour palette and even the oranges and red were not to bad. Yes, in winter darker colours are preffered but I guess with fashion you can change your mind as you please.

A great show for the simple power woman by Narciso Rodriguez.

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