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The 86th Annual Academy Awards Fashion

For the first time in a very long time, there are more great looks that walked the Academy Awards Red Carpet than terrible ones. Romance was the the main theme of the night and so was minimalism. I think many of the women below have either read my Academy Fashion blog posts or others as the improvement this year has been substantial and it gives me hope for the years ahead.

For those who have never read a red carpet fashion blog post, I always start with the mediocre looks then the worst of the night and end off with the best. The best dressed will always be at the end of the list and all looks are placed in alphabetical order in their respected categories.
Let us begin with the mediocre looks, the looks which do not make the best or worst dressed list.

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(All dresses listed in alphabetical order. Click on the images to see them bigger.)

Not the best dress that walked the carpet but the colour does look good on Alfred Woodard. The Escada gown could have shown less cleavage to make it more tasteful for the red carpet but one cannot deny that the colour is beautiful and so are the embellishments.

I actually really like Amy Adams' dress I just wish it was in a different colour. Dark dresses do not show well on camera, the details are difficult to see. If you look closer you will notice the slight peplum on the waist. If it was a red Gucci gown she could have maybe even been crowned best dressed.

Shiny and simple is Angelina Jolie's go-to-style and this year she repeated it. This dress is just alright. I would have preferred the Elie Saab gown to be a lot more fitted, this cut makes her look like she is in the 1970s. The colour looks great but that is about it and the shine does not do the dress and silhouette justice.

It is not the best dress I have ever laid my eyes on but it does look good on Bette Midler. The veteran singer and actress keeps up with the younger actresses in this floral dress by Reem Acra. I think it is too casual for the Academy Awards but I do like it.

Brooke Anderson looks nice in this dress but it is too youthful for her. Besides being too youthful, the David Meister dress looks cheap and the one shoulder does not make it look any more glamourous. The colour does look good on her and so does the cut.

If it was not for the details, Calista Flockhart would have been a plain jane in this Andrew Gn dress. Looking plain does not land you on the worst dressed list but her hair almost did. I like the earrings and the colour on her and that is about it.

Jada Pinkett-Smith looks elegant in this Versace gown. I don't like the neckline but it seems to work for her. The colour is great and even though I dislike the amount of fabric, it works for her and for the occasion.

Jennifer Garner looks just alright in this Oscar de la Renta gown. She doesn't look bad but doesn't look great either. The actress also didn't make it to the best or worst dressed list last year, she just roamed in the middle. Garner should be lucky that the colour of this dress hasn't washed her out. I do like that she wore a dress with fringe, it is something different to what we used to seeing.

Jennifer Lawrence looks so plain it's actually painful. The colour looks good on her, even though she wears it every year. I do like the slight peplum accent but it still makes her look to safe and for someone who was predicted to win the Oscar for best performance by a supporting actress, you would think that she would have put in a bit more effort. Nevertheless she does look pretty, pretty plain.

Kerry Washington or Olivia Pope as her Scandal fans know, looks painfully boring in this Jason Wu gown. She is basically just wearing fabric. I do love the colour on her and it is a nice dress for a pregnant woman but it is just too boring. Her jewellery looks good and so does the makeup.

Kristen Bell looks like a Disney Princess in this gown, well she did voice one in the Academy Award winning film Frozen. Unfortunately this Roberto Cavalli makes her look like a Snow Queen. The colour washes her out and the texture of the skirt is very confusing and does not make sense when compared to the rest of the dress. Maybe if it was in a different colour it could have been a winner.

Hollywood's new It Girl, Lupita Nyong'o wore a custom Prada gown to the Academy Awards where she won the Oscar for Best Performance for an Actress in a Supporting Role. The fit and the design is absolutely amazing however the colour does not suit her. If this dress was in a darker and richer colour, she would have definitely been named best dressed. The colour of this dress also makes it look like a school project, it's the Oscars not Project Runway.

Meryl Streep, the most nominated actress of our time, looks absolutely elegant in Lanvin. I do wish it was one solid colour but I also don't mind the two tone look. There is too much jewellery and accessories but it is the Oscars so we should forgive her.

Best dressed actress from last year, Naomi Watts looked plain but nice in her Calvin Klein Collection gown. Watts was clever enough to add a Bulgari neckless to the high neckline, without she would have been one of the most boring women on the carpet. I like the sleeves and the white looks good on her.

I always love a risk taker on the red carpet and Olga Kurylenko was one of the only women who took a risk this year, well a good risk. The colour is amazing on her and matches her makeup. However, I don't like the shoulder detail. I don't think it was designed correctly but that is just my opinion.

Robin Roberts looks nice in her Dennis Baso gown, I just wish it wasn't stiff. From the neck down until the waist the Good Morning America anchor looks great but the stiff skirt does not do the dress or her any justice. Great colour, just need to find another fabric.

I absolutely love the colour of Shaun Robinson's dress but I do not entirely agree on the design. The Romona Keveza gown is very elegant however there is no need for both the cut out and the slit. The colour looks great on Robinson and so does her styling.

It looks like Viola Davis' dress is about to fall off. I like the colour but this Escada gown is too simple, it's a nice Matric dance dress, not an Oscar gown. I wish it had straps and that Davis wore less jewellery, the bracelets and clutch overpower the emerald green.

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Now that we are done with all the mediocre boring gowns it is time to look at the worst of the worst. Lucky for myself and all the readers, this year we have less women on the worst dressed list and hopefully the number decreases every year.

Anna Kendrick's J Mendel dress is a good example of too much design, more is definitely not more. There is sheer, a slit, cut outs, flower details, one shoulder .... too much design. It looks like a school project. If there wasn't a slit and a cut out detail on the waist, Anna Kendrick might have even made the best dressed list but this year she sits very close to the bottom of the worst dressed.

Anne Hathaway looks so boring in this Gucci dress. The cut of the shoulders does not suit her at all, neither do the embellishments. I can see she tried to be glamorous and it just didn't work this year.

I really like Chrissy Tiegen, she is very grounded and has entertaining Instagram posts. However, this Monique Lhuillier gown does not do her any justice. The print that has been used is not lovely at all. The pink flowers against the black silk looks like a mistake. The train is also too long. A different print and colour could have saved her.

I really like Gabourey Sidibe but this Theia dress does not do her any justice. It is a great colour but the lace is very overwhelming. The same dress in the same colour but a different fabric and Gabourey could have made the best dressed list.

Everyone loves Goldie Hawn but no one loves this dress. Goldie decided to wear gold and it is an absolute disaster. There are weird sleeves which match her hair and the fabric makes it look like she could be wearing a night gown. This is an example of why one should not wear Versace on the red carpet.

Jessica Biel looks like a mermaid. The actress wore Chanel to the Academy Awards and unfortunately Karl Lagerfeld's design washed her out. The dress looks cheap and does not do any favours to her skin tone. If it was a different fabric and colour, she would have been able to wear this cut elegantly.

Minus the cape and Kate Hudson could have been a winner in this Versace gown. If you have read my fashion week blogs you will know that Versace never makes it onto the best of fashion week posts and that is because Donatella Versace's collections are too raunchy and tacky to be called fashion. I think there is a flaw in the design of the dress because it also makes her look a lot shorter than what she really is. Hudson and her mother Goldie should choose a different designer next year.

Kristin Chenoworth either has no sense of style or her stylist needs to lose her job. Not only is this Roberto Cavalli dress an optical illusion, it is the wrong colour. It seems as if one needs 3D glasses to look at this dress properly. Art deco was a big trend in 2012 and '13 but the rest of the fashion nation has moved on. Hopefully next year Chenoworth chooses the right trend.

I love Lady Gaga but I hate this dress. It is not surprising that the singer wore Versace to the carpet as she happens to be great friends with Donatella. I just wish she could have chosen a better Versace dress, even though fashion week has shown that great Versace dresses do not exist. I don't like the scarf, it is very 90s-matric-dance and the sequinned gown does not do her look any justice. Either Gaga will have to make friends with a new designer or give Donatella Versace a sense of direction.

If your wife is hosting the Academy Awards, one would want to look absolutely beautiful on the night. Portia de Rossi's dress is close to a disaster. However if she is going for a formal beach look she has nailed it. This Naeem Khan laser cut dress does not represent the Academy Awards dress code and it just does not suit her. The colour is mediocre but there is not much colour as there is not much fabric.

Rocsi Diaz was trying to go for the Great Gatsby look by wearing this Dennis Baso dress but her high slit made her look more like Angelina Jolie. A high slit and a low neckline is too revealing for the Academy Awards and one cannot show both leg and chest, you have to choose one. The colour looks good but unfortunately it is too inappropriate for the awards.

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Now that we are done with the worst, it is time to look at the best dressed of the night. As I had mentioned before, I am delighted to note that there are more women on the best dressed list than the worst dressed. Romantic gowns were the order of the night for the best dressed women and it is definitely the best best dressed list I have compiled since the start of the Academy Awards Fashion posts.

Camila Alves, the wife of Academy Award winning actor, Matthew McConaughey looked stunning in her Gabriella Cadena gown. The colour does not wash her out and adds to the romantic theme I have seen at the Academy Awards this year. This year, there is also a very big cape trend on the red carpet and Alves works it well. She looks amazing and other actresses women should learn from her as well.

The former South African, now American actress, Charlize Theron stunned in a black Dior gown. The nude straps and sheer black train add to the mystery of the gown and save it from being an ordinary black gown. The Harry Winston diamond added to the look and to the statement that less is more. Black has always suited Theron and I am glad she didn't take a major risk.

Cristin Milioti is the only woman who walked the red carpet in a look which is inspired by trend that is happening on the streets of the world as we speak. With her dark lipstick, it looks as if Milioti took a look out of Lorde's beauty book. Reem Acra seems to be a favourite on the red carpet this year and it looks great on Milioti. I love the colour and fabric but more than anything, the styling of this outfit and the beauty looks is what makes it great and relevant for 2014.

Emma Watson looks gorgeous in this Vera Wang gown. The Bling Ring actress matches the colour of the dress with dark nails and romantic makeup. I love the cut of the dress and it almost looks as if she is wearing a sleeveless T-shirt with a skirt, which makes it look young. There is nothing worse than a young actress trying to look old. Job well done by Emma.

Wearing Zac Posen, Glen Close is a clear runner up for best dressed. The actress looks graceful and elegant in this long sleeved mermaid gown. Close looks a lot better than most actresses half her age and could teach them a lesson or two.

Julia Roberts looks amazing. Black should be the only colour worn at the Academy Awards. The peplum Givenchy gown is made up of lace and makes it look a lot more romantic than what if would be if it wasn't. The Golden Globes were a disaster for Roberts but she has managed to make up for them at the Academy Awards. She doesn't look like she is trying to be a lot younger than what she is which is a problem many older women have at on the red carpet.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum is a goddess in this embellished Reem Acra gown. Keeping up with the romantic trend, the actress walked down the carpet in this nude gown which earns her a respectable place on the best dressed list. It is not often that women walk the carpet in elaborate dresses such as these but it is always refreshing when they do. I absolutely love this gown and hope that more women shy away from the minimalist trend and bring back glam to the red carpet.

It is Louise Roe's second time on the best dressed list. Last year she wore a beautiful Monique Lhuillier gown and this year she wore a Pronovias grecian inspired gown and remained on the best dressed list. I love the colour on her and the style is something different. In 2014 we have seen many romantic themed gowns and it is refreshing but odd to see a trend from about 2007. I love the shoulder detail and the silhouette is one which could be copied by many women who need to wear a dress to an event.

Maria Menounos has been featured in the Golden Globes and Academy Awards blog posts since I started them and has even been named best dressed twice. This year she may not be best dressed but she came very close in this nude Johanna Johnson. Once again we see this romantic trend being worn on the red carpet and the beads on Menounos' dress gives her romanticism a bit of edge. Once again, job well done by Maria Menounos.

Giambattista Valli makes beautiful dresses and Penelopé Cruz seems to know that as well. This pink dress looks incredible on the Academy Award winning actress and she has the smile to match it. There is nothing wrong with Cruz's dress, styling or makeup and hair which earns her a well deserved place on the best dressed list. The colour makes the dress very romantic and so does the charming bow.

Olivia Wilde is one of the most beautiful pregnant women to have walked a red carpet. In a high neckline gown by Valentino, the actress once again proves that less is more. If women were not dressed in romantic gowns, they were in the most minimalistic gowns that have ever been made. For pregnant women all over the world, be sure to take notes from Wilde.

I absolutely loved Sandra Bullock in this dress. It was not the greatest design but the colour suits her so well that you even forget about the design. The Alexander McQueen dress is not what we used to seeing from McQueen but we don't mind. With her hair swept to the side, and a bracelet on her arm Bullock looks like a lady and has kept up the standards of what a Best Actress winner should wear to the Academy Awards.

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Without a doubt best dressed belongs to Cate Blanchett. The Best Actress winner wore Armani Privé to the awards.

Nude is definitely the most safe colour to wear on the red carpet but paired with the right amount of accessories and dress design, anyone can look like a Best Actress winner.

The dress was accented with Swarvoski flowers and a tulle skirt. It is a delicate dress fit for an Academy Award winner and it is the first time ever in the history of my blog that the Best Performance in a Leading Role for an Actress winner has ever been named best dressed at the Academy Awards in the same year that she has won the award.


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