Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Best of Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

Milan fashion week used to be my favourite after New York. This year was an utter disaster. Milan Fashion Week used to be the fashion week where I would decide what powerful women should wear to work, at home and to events. Now it seems as if designers want women to be either very plain or repeat trends from past seasons. As a whole, Milan Fashion Week had too many mediocre shows, very few bad shows and even fewer good shows, that is why I only have added three collections to this post. I found myself looking at some collections repeatedly trying to find something I would like put up but to no avail I was left to look at disappointing clothes.

21 February 2014

From several campaigns, Tod's for me was always a brand worn by housewives who didn't have time to set trends or follow them. After looking at the 2014/2015 autumn/winter show, I realised that my judgement was either wrong, or Tod's has changed their look.

If you are a housewife who used to wear Tod's, prepare to be the talk of the town and labeled the most stylish soccer mom.

The fabric blocking trend came to play in this collection and so did proportion. Leather was paired with wool and longer coats with shorter dresses.

More than anything I love the look and feel of this collection. It is definitely for a more mature woman who does not let retail stores or designer collections alter her style.

I absolutely love the coats and more than anything else, the capes are a favourite of mine. I like the use of mauve, cream and off white. Not many women will be able to pull of the styling of this collection. If you do want to take inspiration from this collection, rather add certain elements and garments to your wardrobe.

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23 February 2014

Just when we thought the colour blocking trend had died, Missoni decided to revive it. However this is not your ordinary colour blocking, contrasting colours have not been placed adjacently, instead it is tone blocking.

This collection plays on street style that is seen all over the world. The dishevelled look which is meant to resemble homeless people, or a chic London girl has swept sub cultures all over the globe.

There is a lot of layering in this collection and many loose fitting items.

I don't think this is the best colour scheme that has been represented during a collection but it somehow works for the show.
My favourite colours would have to be the browns and oranges. The blue and green colour scheme is a bit out of place.

It almost seems as if this collection was made for a particular film or play in mind, if you are willing to look like a character from a '70s film, get the Missoni collection.

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Dolce & Gabbana
23 February 2014

Dolce & Gabbana is always the must see collection of Milan Fashion Week, summer or winter, it does not matter. This year's collection was not as strong as the other we have seen but it still manages to rise above the rest of the competition.

Dolce & Gabbana are slowly shying away from their Sicilian influenced style and are moving towards new inspirations. This year's collection reminds one of a medieval Europe.

Besides the medieval reference, there are many flowers and animals adorning the garments. One of my favourites is the swan sweater and animal cape.

The shift dresses are absolutely beautiful and can be worn by any woman, don't be surprised if you see one of them on Anna Wintour. The coats are also something amazing to look at and wear. If you are to buy something from the collection, I definitely think a shift dress and a coat will be the best buy.

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