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Uniform Wares - 251 Series

251 Series | Brushed Steel Walnut Brown Leather
I don't know much about watches, I just know that they tell us the time and that Rolex makes very expensive devices to tell the time. I can't tell you about the watches that don't use batteries but I can tell you when a watch looks good.

The current trend is to wear the small gold Casio watches but give but if I wanted a digital watch I can just look at my phone. Give me hands to look at. My new favourite watches are the by Uniform Wares.

Yes these watches are very masculine and were probably built for men but in 2014, there is hardly a difference between masculinity and femininity.

The British company, Uniform Wares was established in 2009 by Oliver Fowles and Patrick Bek who were product designers.

... the Uniform Wares aesthetic is synonymous with a devotion to detail and a firm belief in design with a practical and visual permanence. Uniform Wares timepieces are for everyday use by individuals with an eye for meticulous detailing and a passion for diligent, modern design.

In terms of timepiece trends we are slowly moving away from wearing big chunky watches. Gold watches were all the rage the past couple of years and more was more. These days less is becoming more and watches are being used for their functionality not their form.

The 251 Series is inspired by the simple gentleman watches from the mid-century and you can't help but notice how classic it is. Ten years from now you can put on this watch and it will still be a statement piece without looking for too much attention.

Because of how it was built, you might even be able to wear it for more than ten years. I don't know much about the engineering of watches but from what the website says, these watches were created with the finest technology and materials.

All the watches are Swiss made and have Italian calf leather straps and have a scratch-proof sapphire lens. Each watch in the collection has their own design specifications which you can read about online.

All watches priced at £390

Brushed Steel | Walnut Leather

PVD Satin Gold | Black Leather

PVD Gun Grey | Tan Leather

Italian Calf Leather Straps made in Germany
NBR Rubber Straps moulded in Italy
PVD Satin Gold | Black Leather

The PVD Satin Gold watch with the black leather strap is obviously my favourite because I love gold and I love it even more when it is paired with black.

Another nice thing about Uniform Wares watches is that if you are bored with your watch, a simple strap change can drastically change the look and feel for your watch.
Rubber in the summertime and leather for winter.

The beauty of these watches is that they can be worn during any season with almost any outfit. Pair it with a white shirt, black coat or print t-shirt and we will still notice your watch.
If these watches are not your cup of tea, Uniform Wares has others that will satisfy your needs be it technical or design related.

The watches are quite expensive but at least you know you are paying for a timeless piece that will never let you down.
In five years to come when another watch trend hits you know you won't have to buy a new watch to keep up with the times as this style will still be relevant.

The 251 Series does project an image of a certain man or woman. It is more likely someone interested in the beauty of life and art will prefer this watch. If you are a man or woman of the corporate jungle and prefer something a lot more 'industrial' I recommend the 203 Series. It is reminiscent of the 1990s and reminds me of corporate America.

Unfortunately the watches cannot be bought in South African stores but if you are travelling abroad make sure you visit the retailers which stock the watches, or alternatively shop online.

I can't say I have ever worn one of these watches or seen it up close but I am sure it is one of the most comfortable time pieces you will wear.
It is a brilliant design and one which could determine the look of the upcoming decade or even the current one.

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