Wednesday, 9 April 2014

zovuyomputablog turns 4

Four years ago on this very day I published my first blog post. Four years later and my blog has taken me places and invited me to so many events. Usually on the birthday of my blog, I like to look at the year that was and the year to come.

Last year the blog remained pretty much the same in terms of design and content had a few changes. I started blogging more about events I had attended and movies I had watched.

Dip Street Store Launch

One of the most read blog posts last year was the Dip Street Store Launch Post. After that blog was published I would have friends come to tell me about their experience at the store and how they found out about the store through my blog. It was nice to know that people were reading the blog and actually going to place I speak about.

Got wool?
Besides attending the Dip Street Store Launch, I also had the pleasure of attending the David Tlale and Clinique Talk in August last year. Because I was writing about more of my personal experiences through blog posts about events I was also using my own photographs for my posts which is what I always wanted to do originally but one cannot travel to Europe for fashion week. Well, one cannot travel to Europe yet for fashion week.

For more blog posts on events I have attended, including TEDxWomen, click the events tab.

On the subject of photographs, I also started my own Instagram account this past year. I hardly reference it on my blog and I think that's because I'm too busy talking about politics or attending events I still have to physically attend.

There is still a lot of fashion on the blog and that will never change. I love fashion too much to not have it on the blog or to have less of it. Last year I did focus a lot on street style and several of the street style blog posts were some of the most popular.

Going back to my photographs, I did a Madiba In The City online exhibition which was in honour of the Late Nelson Mandela. The exhibition ran on my tumblr account, whatzedsaw. It was a sad time for South Africans but also a time when we celebrated and remembered the man who taught people to love each other.

Read The Nelson Mandela: 10 Days of Mourning, A Lifetime Of Celebration Blog Post

This past year I also did many film reviews on the blog which proved to be more popular than I thought they would.
For the first time ever I also featured food on the blog. After writing the Khuselo Mputa and Aubergine blog post, I considered writing more posts centered around food and South African restaurants. Just like the film reviews, I don't have much time to go around eating nice food and watching nice movies but I definitely will try my best.
Khuselo Mputa and Aubergine

One of my favourite blog posts has to be the Warby Parker Fall 2013 Collection blog post. I was lucky enough to write a post for the New York based company which is becoming the brand to look out for.

Warby Parker Fall 2013 Collection
I must admit I have not kept my blog up to date as quickly as I used to do from 2010 until mid 2013. Time is one of the reasons why I don't write but so is content creation. I no longer want to just copy paste photographs from the internet, I prefer to create all the content myself.

Even if the blogs are written months after a certain event, you can be assured that my blog will be updated as often as possible.
I am looking to have a new look by the end of the year which usually comes with new blog goals.

The Women's Month series returns again this year and so does the Blogging 101 series. Expect to see more of my own journeys and adventures on the blog as well. I will also stop using time as an excuse and get out my video camera and record what I see and love.

As usual, thank you very much for taking time to read my blog. I know I talk a lot but hopefully it's worth the read. Here's to another year.

Happy Blogging.
Happy Reading
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