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Thanks to technology more men are starting to actually care about what they wear and how they groom themselves. Yes, before social media channels men did take care of themselves, but not as much as they do today.

Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram have become channels were men show off how long their beard are and which trends they have decided to wear. But do women really agree with all these trends and beauty regimes? Apparently they don't agree with most of them.

Man Crates, a company which ships gifts to men in crates, wants to know what women want from men. Essentially. they want to make it easier for men to keep up with the new beauty trends and regimes. To make the lives of men easier all over the world I have decided to compile a list of current male beauty trends and together with the help of friends find out if women say yes or no.

While scrolling down the blog post you will find various quotes added. Those are comments from women who decided to be part of the discussion and helped write this article.
The first trend one would need to start with is the ever growing beard trend.

Beards were originally reserved for new fathers, grandfathers and Father Christmas. These days anyone and everyone has a beard. But which beards are acceptable and which ones are not?

I think most women could agree that the garibaldi beard, pictured in the infographic, is not one we would like to see on many men. It is just too much hair. Rather just have a clean natural sweep of facial hair.

"Don't look like a werewolf or big foot."

Too much beard
Once men start growing beards to resemble the english moustache & chin curtain, french fork, or the garibaldi, women know that you are trying too hard to be labeled as a hipster.

" ... not really a beard but some ruggedness is attractive ..."

With all the hype around beards, it is better to grow a full beard only if you have dark hair. Blonde beards aren't too glorious. Rather let your hairstyle gain all the glory.

What women don't want to see is something that resembles the a la souvarov or a beard that is lined? I am not sure what the correct terminology is but don't try get creative with your beard and single lines are not attractive.

Some women have admitted that men with beards look like real men, as in they are no longer boys, they can provide for people other than themselves. However with all the pretentious beards being grown, women are unsure of which men are growing beards because they want to prove their manhood or want to fit in with the latest trend.

In a nutshell, don't grow a beard if you are just doing it for the hype. And if you can't afford to grow a beard because genetics don't allow you, don't stress. Let this trend pass because most women prefer no facial hair at all.
And let us leave moustaches for Movember.


Kendrick Lamar
Topman Mainline Clothing Range Lookbook
We have dealt with facial hair, but what about the hair on a man's head. All I can say that trying to copy Jared Leto's long hair won't get you in the good books with many women. Keep it short and simple.

"Short and neat. Don't love the long hair on a guy. Clean hair that has seen a comb or brush is also a plus."

"Definitely shory hair! A little old school style is a plus but mainly just short."

"Short with an old school comb over."

"Short hair with a fade!"

It is very rare that ordinary men who have not won Academy Awards can pull off long hair. However just because it is short does not mean it has to be boring. One of the most popular hairstyles for men over the past couple of months has been the Kendrick Lamar or the Harvey Spector. The Harry Styles reigned for sometime proved to be too much hair and too much maintenance. The Justin Bieber also had it's days but as the pop singer has grown up, people have long forgotten about it.

Long in the front and short on the sides is a favourite amongst many men and works with any hair colour.

Just like beards, all women have their own preferences but every woman wants the same thing and that is clean hair. If it is clean, we can talk about how you style it later.

"Long hair is nasty"

Dreads and an afro also work well on men, depending on the texture of your hair and your personality. Not every man can suit dreads and woman don't want neat dreads which have been allocated to a certain row on your scalp. Apparently majority want it messy. Talking about messy hair, the caveman look seems to work for some women so if you can pull it off, why not go for it.

"Touching on cavemen for me thank you. Can't have you looking like a Vogue model or smelling like you took a walk about in the perfume section in Edgars."


Not necessarily my cup of rooibos but I have seen some beautiful art pieces which happen to be permanently inked on people's bodies. I guess it depends on what the tattoo means to that person... and it helps in CSI situations" - reader comment
James Quiantance
Tattoos are a yes, but not prison tattoos. If you unfortunately got your tattoos while serving time, rather cover them up. Artistic tattoos which coincide with the personality of the guy wearing them are what women want to see.

"But not in a 'I ride with bikers' kind of way. On that note, no colour, no dragons and no bubble gum tattoo inspired designs.
Something simple, sexual and inconspicuous."

Unlike clean hair, a tattoo is something not all women can agree on, it all comes down to individual preference.

"Yes when they're young. But not too many men avoid the mid life bulge which can make the best tattoos look awful!"

Basic Grooming
"Nail polish, on a MAN?! Def not haha! Short with some skin."

Don't tweeze your eyebrows and make sure your nails are looking good. Once a man begins to tweeze his eyebrows, women start getting scared. Not many women want to date men who have a more hectic beauty regime than them so keep it simple.

Nails are a sensitive topic and most women seemed to get so emotional when I asked them about a man's hands and nails. More nail than skin is what most women vote for. If it looks like you chew on your nails, rather wear gloves.

We all understand that maybe in order for men to take car of their nails one needs to visit the nail salon and that is perfectly fine. However, please make sure you leave the nail salon with absolutely no hint of nail polish on your nails. There are options were you can just buffer your nails and push down the cuticles without having to put strengthening polish over them. There is nothing more distracting than a man with clear nail polish on his nails. Unless you are in a rock band and you have gained global fame, stay away from the nail polish, and keep your nails short.

To sum it all up, women prefer men who look like men. Once men start taking hints from female beauty regimes, some women run in the other direction. With that being said, women as a collective will never agree on what a manly man should look like, everyone has their own ideas and preferences.

If you are a man who read this and are looking to change your look, try some of the trends that have been mentioned above, but also make sure to read the comments. At the end of the day, women are attracted to men who are comfortable in their own skin, so get comfortable before you grow that beard.

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