Friday, 29 April 2016

Autumn Must Have - Mom Jeans

The 90s trend is bigger than ever and should be part of your 2016 style inspiration. One of the items from the 90s you should have are mom jeans. Your mother probably wore them in her prime and might not believe that they are back in style.

I searched almost every store for a good pair of mom jeans and found the best at Topshop. I do suggest that you skip the print jeans and stick to your normal shades of blue. The price tag isn't too pretty but it is worth it. The denim is quality and can be paired with anything.

Crop tops are still trending and can be worn in autumn, only if you pair it with a nice jacket or coat. The jeans look the best with a pair of sneakers and because they are ankle grazers (depending on the length you choose) you can also show off your colour socks. I don't suggest heels, but if you are a heels girl, go for it.

When you walk into Topshop ask for the following jeans:
  • Moto Mid Blue Rip Mom Jeans
  • Petite Dark Blue Mom Jeans
  • Moto Mid Blue Mom Jeans
  • Moto Summer Sulphur Mom Jeans
  • Moto Washed Black Mom Jeans
If it's not on that list, leave them, go to another Topshop.

If you are struggling to style your jeans, take a look at the Polyvore sets below:

Autumn Must Have - Mom Jeans

In autumn I struggle to let go of my summer wear which is why I just pair summer outfits with a jacket because it really is cold in autumn. Sandals are only to be worn during the day, please don't wear them at night, it is too cold. Keep it autumn with a black hat and army green trench.

Autumn Must Have - Mom Jeans

Another reason why I prefer wearing crop tops with mom jeans is because I hate hiding the high waist and craftsmanship of the jeans. The outfit above is weather dependent but if you can get away with it, pair your jeans with a simple top and sneakers. This look reminds me of something straight out of Hypebae.

Autumn Must Have - Mom Jeans

For the girls who have rainy autumns, an all black outfit will always win. The black mom jeans paired with black boots and a trench will keep you from the rain. Rain wear in other cities is not a priority which is why this outfit would only make sense for a Cape Town girl. Texture-block and pair the jeans with must have texture-of-the-year, velvet.

Make sure you get to Topshop to get your pair of Mom Jeans. This post is for autumn fashion but they can be worn all year long but I'd suggest you leave them for the cooler days.

Topshop South Africa Stores:

Clearwater Mall
Gateway Theatre Of Shopping
Mall Of Africa Joburg
The Mall of Rosebank
Sandton City Shopping Centre
V&A Waterfront


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