Tuesday, 11 July 2017

2017 Vodacom Durban July - Outfit Post

Me, Khanyisa Songca, Thozama Mputa, Cameron Nicholas, Chumisile Nxiweni (Left to right)

On the 1st of July I attended my third Vodacom Durban July with my friends. The biggest horse racing event in Africa obviously needs one to dress for the occasion.

My Durban July outfit prep starts the year before as my friends and I always choose to dress according to our own theme. Last year the theme was all black even though the theme for the event was Royalty, or something along those lines. 2017's theme was The Colour of Magic and according to the Durban July that is red, okay. So we had already decided in 2016 that we would all wear suits so I could not now change for the theme.

Once we decided on a theme we jumped onto Pinterest and looked for ideas. A slick black suit was always the dream after I saw Kourtney Kardashian wear one to her mother's 60th birthday party. A second option was also a full print suit but I am extremely fussy with print and I didn't want to look like I was doing too much so I stuck to a colour I know very well, black.

As most of you might know, my biggest fear is zips when it comes to sewing so it was obvious that I was not going to make my own suit. I mean I just started making leggings the other day. I called my good friend Cameron Nicholas and told him that he needs to learn how to sew a blazer because his services are needed for the Durban July.

We went to Durban CBD to get fabric for myself and my sister, Thozama. She had already decided a while back that pink was her colour. I am unfortunately not good with colour as I have been told so I left the colour matching to Cameron. In total I think our fabric was R75 each.
When making suits, obviously depending on your height and size, three meters should be efficient as it worked for both my sister and I and we are different heights and sizes.

The t-shirt I bought at Ackermans for R49.99 at the children's section so in total, without the shoes and socks my outfit came to a total of R124.99. We won't speak about how much my Reebok Classics cost. In fact even my sunglasses were more expensive than the full outfit.

In terms of make up, Khanyi Makeup came to the rescue. Initially we were supposed to do a Durban July prep video. That flopped but we did a full Snapchat Story (zovuyo_mputa) on the day with all our makeup prep. I wish I was a makeup guru but I really am not. Khanyi used a beauty blender, foundation and eye brow brush to try make me look as close to gold as possible. The target was gold and I finished it off with Mac's Bronze Shimmer lipstick.

Hair was obviously done by yours truly. I did a plain braid out for the July and got it right thanks to Lush's Queen Bee hair butter.

2017 Vodacom Durban July Inspiration

A lot of people think my sister and I think we deliberately planned to wear outfits that are the inverse of each other. When in actual fact it was coincidence. Guess it was just the twin gene in us.

2017 was definitely my favourite Durban July outfit to date and glad it all came together.

See you at the next Durban July and once again thanks to Cameron and Khanyisa for the outfit and the face beat.

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Monday, 29 May 2017

2017 Zakifo Music Festival

Durban hosted the third Zakifo Music Festival this past weekend and I was on the ground for the Tastemakers Africa takeover. The best thing about Zakifo is that chances are, you only know a few artists who are performing on the night so it is a time to experience new artists. 2017 was no different.

I obviously had favourites who I was ready to see such as Thandiswa Mazwai, Petite Noir and Damien Marley but every performer absolutely blew my mind.

The festival is still young but has shown growth every year. Scroll down for images from the event and check out my Instagram for more GIFs.

All images taken with a Samsung S6

Top made by yours truly

Jojo Abot

The Soil absolutely blew my mind. I had never seen them live but I have heard only good things about them. Their show paid homage to the political and social issues were are currently facing as a society. I was confused when I got closer to the stage and saw that there was no band. Then I remembered that The Soil are an acapella group. They did an amazing job. Be sure to see them live when you can.

The Soil
Tiggs Da Author

Thandiswa Mazwai is by far the best South African performer. Her performance on Friday reminded me why we call her King Tha. It made reference to all the violence we are currently experiencing in South Africa. The performance was also strongly based on Xhosa culture which made me feel at home.

The King of The Noirwave was also a highlight of Sunday. I have seen him perform him live in Cape Town before and he received a very good response from Durban. The band and Petite Noir were dressed well and the visuals completed the whole design.

Before Saturday night I had never heard of Nova Twins. As soon as I saw how they were dressed I knew it was a show I did not want to miss. Their music is definitely not my favourite genre. It's quite difficult for me to listen to hard London rock but they did a good job and got the crowd on their feet. Everyone was amazed by their performance and quite intrigued as well as we are not used to seeing two women rocking out on a guitar.

The star of the festival was obviously Damien Marley. The son of Bob Marley arrived with an MC, opening act, band and a flag bearer. I have seen many international acts come to South Africa and perform to bigger crowds and on bigger stages but none have performed like Damien. I think the only person who has put on a better performance than Damien is Lady Gaga.

I was very nervous about my experience during his performance as I didn't know any Damien Marley songs, well that is what I thought. Even if you didn't know his songs you still would have felt the electricity in the air during his performance.

It was a great performance and he showed so much love to Durban and South Africa. I definitely think he needs to return to SA for an encore.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kampala, Entebbe Uganda x Thozama Mputa

My sister, Thozama Mputa recently embarked on a trip to Uganda with her UCT Masters of Landscape Architecture as well as the Masters of Urban Design class. It had always been a dream for us to travel Africa and because she did it before me I asked that she puts her experience on my blog so I can share it with everyone.

"As cliche as it sounds, the trip was life changing. Days before I would search Kampala on Google earth, Pinterest but that did not even prepare me for the beauty and humanity I experienced. We live in a beautiful continent and I urge South Africans to get out and explore it.
I left Uganda with the urge to not only return to the country but to see other African cities.
Thank you to all who made it such a pleasurable experience." - Thozama Mputa

I hope you enjoy the photographs below and that they encourage you to discover our beautiful continent. Be sure to view more of her photographs on her Tumblr site and Instagram account.

All the photographs were taken by Thozama Mputa with a Lomography la Sardinia Cubic camera.

Thozama Art
Film Thozama


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