Tuesday, 18 May 2010

University or The Gypsy Train?

If there was a top 10 list which rated the people who were the most emo about academics, I bet you my bottom dollar as my dad says, that I will most definetly make numbers 1-10 of that list. For me academics could be one of the greatest wastes of time. Instead of me pretending to be studying at this very moment in time, I could be on the beach or on a Vespa in Rome. But no, I am at the university computer labs procrastinating.

So why do we go to university, why do we even go to primary and high school?

Back in the stone age did mothers say to their sons and daughters: "Now that you are 18, go to University and study something" ... don't think so. I think conversations were more along the lines of "Go catch that mammoth".
So I would like to know which brilliant man (it can only be a man who would come with this "brilliant" idea) decided that we have to get educated? I mean without university we wouldn't be chasing this fast life where we have to get rich quick and drive a Mercedes Benz. We would just be loving each other, travelling the world and becoming cultured. And because we would all love and understand each other there would be no war. But no, after high school, we have to go to university and get a degree. Then after that we have to get a job which will buy us the more than standard three bedroom house for our significant other and children. And if we just get a one bedroom flat and work at McDonalds, it's a problem. But what if that's the way that I want to live. A simple life that pays for the basics: rent, food, water and enough water to travel around the world. Does that make me a hobo or a hippy or a bum?

I have the Time Mobile application on my Blackberry and I read it every single day. It was there were I read the Time Top 10 College Dropouts List

Top of the list is Bill Gates
Bill Gates ... college dropout. Strange, I would think he would have graduated from University at 16. The guy who gave the world Microsoft is a college dropout. Makes me think ... are all my computer science modules really that necessary?

At number two it is, according to the Fortune Magazine, CEO of the decade, Steve Jobs
Once again, are my computer science modules and animation modules that necessary. Jobs is the guy who gave us the ipod. The ipod ... the ipod. And this guy didn't finish college?

Frank Lloyd Wright is number three.
Thanks to my grade 11 design class I know who this man is. He is most probably one of the most innovative designers that will ever exist. While everyone has straight boring buildings, he is making buildings move through art.

At number four it's Buckminster Fuller.
Look let me not lie, I don't who this man is, but I know who James Cameron is.

Number five, James Cameron
Now James Cameron is the reason why I would rather be in a shipwreck than a car accident. He is also the reason why I would want to be blue and wear braids and face paint. He could just be the world's most celebrated director in the world.

The reason why the Facebook is the first web page I go to is because of number six, Mark Zuckerburg
Mark Zuckerburg was in his college room when he created facebook. I wasn't in my college room when I started my blog but maybe I could also soon be packing my college bags.

Number seven, Tom Hanks
Life is like a box of chocolates and if you Tom Hanks you can mould chocolate into Oscar shaped men, twice. I never thought that degrees were needed to become an actor and Tom Hanks obviously proved this, twice.

One of my mom's favourite actors is at number eight, Harrison Ford
Turns out you don't need to be a graduate in order to act like the president or an archaeologist/adventurer.

One of the most influential people of 2010 Lady Gaga sits at number nine

"This lady is mad!" This is what I say each time I see this lady going Gaga on MTV. Maybe if she stayed in university she would have gone even more gaga, I know I would.

The man who isn't number 10 on most women's lists, Tiger Woods
I think he should have stayed in university, so he could of discovered women then.
So all of these people didn't finish university. But that doesn't mean that I will follow in the exact same path if I do everything they did.

I think some of us do need to go to university but I honestly could get aboard the gypsy train and travel the world rather. I don't need to live life in the fab lane!


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