Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall 2013

Pre-Fall 2013 fashion season is upon us. While Chanel and Burberry will always be my favourite I have found a new favourite. I might love to watch Rachel Zoe's reality show but I am currently loving her Pre-Fall 2013 collection. The collection which happens to be similar to Saint Laurent's Spring/Summer RTW 2013 collection, exhibits looks that are similar to what Rachel Zoe would wear herself.

Even though this collection has one distinct look, The Rachel Zoe Look, there are pieces that anyone and everyone can wear. It is very easy to turn most of these outfits from day to night or night to day outfits.

My favourite garments from this collection are most definitely the outerwear pieces. Everyone needs a good blazer and/or jacket. Actually everyone needs a few good blazers and/or jackets. One in black and the rest in any other fabric or colour your heart desires. For this day and age we living in, the shiner, the brighter the better.
Clothes are used to make statements now, not just to cover our bodies. Form is beginning to follow function and to tell you the truth, I don't mind.

The collection features dresses, jackets, shirts, different types of trousers, hats, gloves, blouses, different types of boots, heels, coats ... basically anything and everything you need to look chic this autumn, as we call it in South Africa.

I love of Zoe re-created leopard print. At first you won't recognise it to be leopard print and I don't think it was meant to completely resemble the print. However look closer and you can tell that it is the print.

Leather has always been a staple in one's closet but it seems as if even more people are wearing leather. Leather skirts, shorts and obviously leather outerwear.
The Rachel Zoe Pre-Fall collection has a very nice mix of different leather pieces and she has paired them very well with other garments. The leather gloves also add a very nice touch. Almost reminds me of Chanel 2006.

Because the collection was designed by Rachel Zoe you can't expect to see a lot of colour. Yes there are a few hints of colour here and there but you won't find any bright colours. Which makes sense because autumn is not a season to wear your brightest coloured clothes.
The colour that Rachel does use is very appropriate for the season and almost illustrates the colour leaves turn during autumn.

All in all Rachel Zoe presented a very American looking collection. The collection is very Ralph Lauren borderline Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors which all exhibit a very American style.

There is most definitely a place for Rachel Zoe in the fashion world. I was a bit skeptical and thought she would not last in the fashion industry but after seeing this, she has staying power.
She may not be a trend setter in terms of new fashion trends but you cannot deny her sense of style.

Rachel Zoe herself has a style that many women want to emulate and with this collection it is even easier to dress like her.

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