Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kampala, Entebbe Uganda x Thozama Mputa

My sister, Thozama Mputa recently embarked on a trip to Uganda with her UCT Masters of Landscape Architecture as well as the Masters of Urban Design class. It had always been a dream for us to travel Africa and because she did it before me I asked that she puts her experience on my blog so I can share it with everyone.

"As cliche as it sounds, the trip was life changing. Days before I would search Kampala on Google earth, Pinterest but that did not even prepare me for the beauty and humanity I experienced. We live in a beautiful continent and I urge South Africans to get out and explore it.
I left Uganda with the urge to not only return to the country but to see other African cities.
Thank you to all who made it such a pleasurable experience." - Thozama Mputa

I hope you enjoy the photographs below and that they encourage you to discover our beautiful continent. Be sure to view more of her photographs on her Tumblr site and Instagram account.

All the photographs were taken by Thozama Mputa with a Lomography la Sardinia Cubic camera.

Thozama Art
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