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Welcome to Zovuyo Mputa Blog

If you have read some of my posts you will notice that they aren't the most personal of posts. I can't call this one of those cool-girl fashion blogs where I post photos of myself in my new outfits. It's simply a place where I ask the world questions and question the world. So I have decided to use this page as a platform to tell you, the reader more about myself because I won't be posting photos of myself anytime soon.

I am a Multimedia student at the University of Pretoria and originally from Cape Town. I was born there, grew up there went to junior and high school there. I consider myself a capetonian.
If you had to ask someone who was born pre-1975, they probably won't be able to tell you what a Multimedia degree entails. Well in simple words its a Multimedia degree, (websites, animation, graphics) infused with Computer Science. No I didn't know there was computer science involved in the degree. I'm not trying to be the next Bill Gates but knowing some computer science never hurt anyone, well besides my sleep patterns.

Even though I'm an IT student I don't think I can categorise myself and say IT is the only thing I do.
I'm a lover for Fashion and Trends. I think I might even be addicted to it. I also love good design. Doesn't matter what it is. Whether it is a well designed website or a well designed kitchen, good design is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see.

I don't really know how to categorise this blog. It's like me; a bit of everything! I can't say its just a fashion blog because you could find me speaking about the FIFA World Cup. I don't know which category this blog falls under. I guess it falls under my Pride and Joy!

I love blogging and I hope you love reading my blog!
Enjoy the posts and keep reading!

Zovuyo Mputa

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Alex Lubomirski
Hi Zovuyo! Thanks for the email and the blog! Very flattering!!! ;-) Wow i miss South Africa! I havent been back to Botswana for 20 years! I was going to go back with my cuban/italian girlfriend and then we got married instead! (in Poland of all places!) One day i will go back though.... Anyway thanks again and I wish you all the best luck with everything in your life! Alexi x

The Model Albino
I actually really enjoyed reading your blog a lot! Sometimes when people write about albinism they have no idea what they are saying and at times it could be offensive but yours was perfect! Thank you for sharing this with me and helping to rise awareness Happy Holidays

Thank you! Such a lovely post x Dan

zovuyomputa.blogspot.com was first started in April 2010.. In fact, Zovuyo Mputa was the one who inspired to me start my own blog and her blog familiarized me with the blogging world ...
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