Saturday, 26 February 2011

D&G Autum/Winter | Milan Fashion Week

Men don't take note of what their wearing. As long as they are in clothes they seem fine. Well most men that is. However I watched the D&G Autum/Winter Milan Fashion Week show and I decided there and then that is how men should dress. I don't take note of male fashion shows because I know that most men don't pay attention to them. They wear whatever is in the shop without consulting a style guide.
Men should thank me as I am about to create a style guide for them. This whole fashion show is the style guide for the decade.

I can't decide whether guys like Kid Cudi and Pharrel inspired this look or whether D&G inspired their looks. Either way, this is the way forward for mens fashion. These looks can also be easily transformed to summer/spring looks. It's time for men to live with a little more colour without exaggeration.


Fabianna said...

For the most part I agree with your observations. My only negative opinion about this show are the fur products. Fur always looks more beautiful on the original and alive animal owners and pales in comparison when killed and converted into clothing.

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