Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fashion Trend: Aves - Birds

The fierce girls of Jerseylicious and Jersey Shore need to re-think their fashion prints. Why should we wear zebra, cheetah and tiger when we could wear bird feathers.

Vogue calls it Modern Craft. I call it Aves
Aves ˈävāz ˈɑˈveɪz ˈɑˈviz ˈeɪviːz ɑːveɪz
a class of vertebrates that comprises the birds.


Now this fashion trend can't go on by itself. It needs extra tassles and prints to create the modern craft look. However there is nothing wrong in just wearing a peacock feather headband or pair of earings. In the Gucci look above the bird feathers are used to emphasis her hips and shoulders. Emphasis on shoulder. Is it that we are returning to 90s fashion. The year 2010 was a quiet rival of the 90s fashion and it seems as if this quiet rival continues into this year as well.

I can't tell you what the exact names of all these birds but I could tell you what the items of fashion look like and portray.

We've already spoken a bit about this Gucci creation above. It really reminds me of Africa. It's something I would wear to an African resort ... obviously when I'm wealthy enough to wear such a dramatic outfit to a hotel restaurant. However only people of a certain height could wear this. It wasn't meant for short people. It could be from an owl.

Christian Dior

I can't say I'm a great fan of Christian Dior so I don't really know how the label has evolved during the years. But I know Christian Dior as the label with a lot of silver, grey, black, white, diamonds ... a really sophisticated brand. So to see this come out of their collection was a shock. (Or maybe I'm not up to date with Christian Dior).
This is another one of those Africa pieces. It's more a work of art than a shoe. I could never wear it. Rather I'd display it in a glass box with an alarm system.
You have all of these bright colours with an emphasis on purple and then all of a sudden you are bombarded with black feathers. In theory it doesn't sound like it can work but in practice it works amazingly as seen above.
I absolutely love it. Never knew feathers could work on a shoe but here we are.


Everyone knows Pringle for their jerseys. I know Pringle for their jerseys. Just like I was shocked with the Christian Dior look I am too shocked with Pringle. Who would of thought Pringle would create a bird shoe.
I prefer the Christian Dior shoe to the Pringle one however well done to Pringle for finally stepping outside the box. Seems like the bird trend is good for the classic brands.


Chanel ... black, white and nude. In this dress we see black and nude. I wouldn't put it past Chanel to create such an outrageously amazing outfit. I'm not exactly sure where this would be worn. It's obviously not a ready-to-wear item but that doesn't mean we can't translate it into a ready-to-wear outfit. Now I'm not saying we must get bird outfits made but maybe get a bird top or skirt ... mini skirt. It might sound crazy but just imagine this dress, made as a tank top and worn with a black mini-pencil skirt. Can you imagine it ... Yes! That's the brilliance I speak of.
Many people always watch these couture Paris Fashion shows and think that they can't translate the look into an everyday look but you can. We just translated this couture bird look into a cute party outfit. Fashion shows are there to take inspiration from.

Chanel is doing this trend so well they are featured twice.
From far you would't say that these were bird feathers. You would just think it's tassles. Take one more look and you can see the bird feathers.
This look can be worn straight off the catwalk into an old age home. I'm lying. It really isn't that bad and has more youth than we all think. It's a mix of tweed and bird feathers and colour. It all adds to a grunge feel however it's still very chic and should only be worn to formal events.
I love it and if the feathers weren't there to add as detailing it wouldn't be as successful as it is. It would be very boring and plain. It would be a been there done that look.

Mark Fast
This is not my favourite look ... at all. However it's on the blog post because it illustrates the fashion trend much better than all of the other items. The feathers are the main focus even though the mesh does distract focus. It also gives me the idea that maybe mermaid tale dresses can now have feathers at the bottom instead of pieces of fabric.
I really love the feathers in this look. If only the mesh was not mesh.

If you have read previous blogs you will now that I said minimalism could be the look for the decade. I mentioned this in the 68th Annual Golden Globes Fashion Blog. Now, I truly believe that minimalism will be the main trend of this 'teen'/'10s' decade. However before we become minimal we have to become exaggeratory. We need to wear fabulous feather headgear and dresses.

This fashion trend is more of a fad and won't be here for long but that doesn't mean we can't explore and experiment with crazy tassles and feathers.

I love this fashion trend, I wish it wasn't a fad but that doesn't mean we can't fly away and exaggerate the trend.


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