Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I watched Precious last night.
It made me realise that we are all Precious.
Our circumstances might not all be the same but that voice that Precious hears inside of her, is the same voice we all hear.
For reasons unknown some of us choose not to listen to it.
But in order to rid ourselves of the hate around us, we need to listen to it.
When people verbally abuse us, we would rather be deaf.
But what is the world without music.
It's that same voice that Precious heard that makes you deaf to verbal abuse but aware of the person you are and can become.
Everyone has their own version of Precious' mom in their life.
You decide whether or not you want her ignorant idea of life to determine your lifestyle.
Precious came from nothing to become what she wanted to become.
She grew up in a world of hate but she only had love for her children and those who loved her.
There is no need to hold on to anger.
It will destroy you and take away everything you had.

We weren't born to be quiet.
We were all born with a voice.
We all choose whether or not to listen to that voice.
For once can we all be like Precious and listen to it.
That Precious voice is the only thing that saves us of our self inflicted imprisonment.
Viva Precious


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