Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Disappointment That Is Obama And America

American humanity died the day they celebrated the death of another human being. Who said Osama even did the 911 bombings. We might never know, why not ... Because justice wasn't served.

I've never believed in the death penalty. I always thought it should come back just to scare people but they shouldn't actually be killed. I'm not a law student although I'm sitting in the law library this very moment, but from my understanding, people have to stand trial before they are given they sentence. Now Obama decided to kill him straight away and he called that justice.

I was in the airport when I heard of Osama's murder (yes, it's murder). I was walking towards the boarding gate and I had my ipod on so I couldn't hear what was being said on the television but what I did see was American flags waving at The White House. As I moved closer I saw in breaking-news-font, 'Osama has been killed'. This was 7 am in the morning. Now I have to spend the whole day figuring out how people can celebrate the death of another man.

What made it even worse is that it seemed like the whole of America was on our flight. I just heard all these American accents and I was beginning to lose the plot. They were all talking about how they hope their security on their flight from Germany to America was going to be good while I was busy thinking about the amount of injustice that was just illustrated.

In order for me to try and understand Obama's point of view I had to put it into a South African context.
In South Africa we had Apartheid:

a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.

The founders of Apartheid were Afrikaans. But as a nation we overcame Apartheid. However, I don't remember Nelson Mandela killing FW De Klerk. Or else do I not know my history well? Apartheid killed so many black and white people but I don't remember black people killing every Afrikaans person they could lay their hands on. Is history not put in place so we can learn from it? Has society lost all their superheroes already? When Obama told us that we can, we believed that we had found our superhero, turns out he was our Dark Knight.
While waiting to board our flight an Afrikaans couple comes to sit down and they also watch this horrific news. How do I know they Afrikaans? They spoke the language. So now I just want to know, Obama, must I go kill them because maybe someone they could of been related to could of killed someone I could of been related to? I'm just asking a question Obama.

It's unfortunate how Obama has turned into a power hungry man. Between you and I, he has just proved that he really is black.
Remember when Tiger Woods cheated all black men said that he actually is a real black man because he cheated ... Well Obama is a real African president. He will do anything to be loved by his country. Even if it means his humanity has to be put on hold.

I want to go back to the world where heroes like Nelson Mandela still exist. The world where people can learn to forgive and forget. The world where people don't have to compromise their humanity for the popularity of a nation.

I believe that world is still coming.

We just have to wait ...


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