Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Iconic and Influential Women in Television Film and Fashion

Let's quickly talk about Iconic and Influential Women in Television and Film and Fashion.

Television and Film

Oprah Winfrey

No one mentions television without mentioning Oprah. We've all watched it before. Conversations between women will always include Oprah. "Trust me! I saw it on Oprah!". Not only has Oprah Winfrey kickstarted the careers of many Americans, (Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus) but she has enriched the lives of many all around the world.

Many people watch Oprah for many different reasons. Some watch to see people receive gifts others watch to hear the stories of the more fortunate or unfortunate and others watch because the whole family is watching.

Morning conversations at my high school consisted of what was on Oprah the previous day.

One thing different about Oprah's show is that she stripped the people down to their human being cores. Yes we all loved to see the houses of the rich and famous but she also brought out their humanity and we forgot about their riches.

The show may be over now but she still stands as one of the most iconic people in television. We wouldn't know what a talk show is without Oprah.

Marilyn Monroe

What would Hollywood be without Marliyn Monroe? Will there even be a Hollywood?

I'm not too old so I can't tell you what Hollywood was before her but she definitely glamourised scandal. All the actresses in Hollywood right now trying to be dramatic and scandalous (Lindsay Lohan) need to take lessons from Norma Jean Baker (Monroe's birth name).

Yes she might have not been the greatest actress but she is what female actresses are now. She had short marriages, played around with drugs and alcohol and might of even had a taste of American Royalty with the Kennedys. She was before her time and is still recognised today as an influential part of Hollywood and one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Other iconic and influential women in film include ...

Sofia Coppola


Anna Wintour

If Anna Wintour does not approve it, you will not wear it! You don't have to believe me when I say this but she decided what you wear. You might not read the Vogue or any fashion magazine for that matter but fashion buyers hopefully read magazines.

Rumour has it she isn't the nicest of people, but in an industry where honesty is vital why should you be nice? She just tells the truth. If she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it.

I know many people don't see a need for a job like hers but trust me it's needed or else we would still be walking around in animal skins, then again, Wintour does that too.

We associate Vogue Magazine with Wintour, we associate fashion with Vogue, therefore we associate fashion with Anna Wintour.

Coco Chanel

Who doesn't want a Chanel bag or Chanel No. 5? Okay so you might not want it. But who doesn't know it? Okay so you don't know it but I'm sure you know what a little black dress is don't you? Those are all things influenced by Coco Chanel.

The reason women wear pants everyday and not dresses is because of Chanel. After Chanel, fashion was allowed to be simple and women were allowed to look like men. They didn't have to be in ruffles and pleats everyday all day. She was also credited for making jersey a popular fabric. Try imagine life without jersey ... not much of a life. Let us also not forget the quilted leather!

The French Fashion designer influenced fashion decades ago and is still influence fashion now. It's not strange for a fashion house to have a perfume as well. It's all normal, because of Chanel.

Other influential and iconic women in fashion include ...

Mary Quant


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