Thursday, 11 August 2011


09 August 1956
I have declared August as Women's Month on my blog. South Africa also celebrates August as Women's Month as the 9th of August is National Women's Day. So why did I decide to dedicate a whole month to women? Well, if you haven't noticed yet I am quite feminist. I've always been somewhat scared of my feminist-ic ways, but I'm scared no more!

I only realised I was feminist once I left High School. I went to Rustenburg Junior and High School. If you aren't from Cape Town you won't know that both those schools are same sex schools. I was with girls for 12 years ... and I loved it! Most people think I missed out on something amazing. I don't see how being thrown with sand and sitting next to a boy in class can be seen as amazing.

Many people also think that people who went to same sex schools end up being lesbian or gay which is incorrect. I'm not lesbian. I just think there is a lot more focus when you attend a same sex school. Boys just bring unnecessary drama and if they don't concentrate in University, I don't understand how they concentrated in school.

If it is one thing that an all girl school teaches you to do it's fight. Okay, not physical fighting. It teaches you to stand up for yourself. We have all watched mean girls and even though the school I went to wasn't that dramatic the problems are all the same and you have to stand up for yourself.

When I was in High School I was never really exposed to the big bad world. Our teachers did a very good job at telling us about it but they didn't tell us what really happened out there.

So I move away from Cape Town, the fantasy land where sitting on the beach and listening to music is the only thing you do, and move to the concrete jungle ... Gauteng! Now at least I am in Pretoria which is a lot calmer than Johannesburg but you can still smell the Johannesburg mentality. Make Money, Get Rich! When I got here everyone was talking about money, money and even more money! Every single day people were telling me about their business deals and how they need to draft up proposals, maybe get a tender and become super rich by 30. Pause! I just wanted to sit on the beach and think about beautiful things! It definitely was a shock. But that wasn't the only shock.

I study Multimedia which falls under the School of IT and Engineering, Built Environment, IT Department. The males who I take the course with were always so surprised when I actually knew something. You see the thing is some of the people I study with think that women should stay in the kitchen and cook for them all day long. (And people say that going to a same sex school was the worst thing that could ever happen to someone). So everyday was a struggle, everyday is a struggle. I remember always having to prove that I can compete with them. Then one day I realised that I don't have to prove anything to anyone. They all already know what I'm capable of and it intimidates them ... and I love it!

If it's one thing males can't stand, it's a woman who stands up to them and proves to be better than them without even trying.

They no longer surprised when they realise that I'm better than them because they have come to learn the hard way that women actually have something to say. This all might sound arrogant but what does a weak woman bring to the table?

Some of the guys I have come to surround myself with aren't used to having a girl speaking to them they way I do. I don't care! Gone are the days when women bow down to men. I can do whatever I want and it's acceptable because I do it with class.

I dedicate this blog post to all females who think they can't stand up against the males. If it is one thing I have come to realise it's that males are scared of women who put them in their place, that's why they always trying to put women in their place. I know where my place is not and that's the kitchen.

All blogs this month will be about women for women!

The future of women is not in the kitchen. It's wherever you want it to be!


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