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Fact of life: We all have fathers.

However whether the relationship you have with your father is a father relationship or not depends on your relationship with him. Now most girls my age, 20, 21 are looking for boys (they haven't really become men yet) who can take care of them and be fathers to their children. And apparently every girl grows up to marry her father. Now I know that many girls don't want to marry their fathers. I have compiled a few example fathers to explain why you would not want to marry your own father.

ATM Father

Bart Bass from Gossip Girl
This father thinks that parenting is giving your child an unlimited credit card. Now I must admit, it is so much fun to see the children of ATM Fathers in movies because they have the greatest wardrobes, cars and gadgets. But what does that all that mean if you can't even have a conversation with your father. Let's take Charles Bass for instance aka Chuck Bass. His father was a little too wealthy. Yes Chuck Bass loved the wealth but the one thing he loved even more was his father. But his father failed to see this, why? He was too busy putting money in Chuck's credit card. Chuck eventually thought the only way to please his father was to turn out like him and when he failed at this, his father lost interest. I really did feel sorry for Chuck Bass each time his father didn't recognise him as his own blood. You can have all the money in the world but if you don't have the love of your parent or the love of your child, life really isn't worth it. So take note all ATM Fathers, yes the money is great, but love, appreation and respect is even better.

Mel Horowitz from Clueless

At least Cher's father took note of her ... sometimes. But he was there to listen to her daughter. But when she started doing badly at school he got angry. Maybe if he was there to actually supervise and listening to the problems that disctract her from her school work she would've passed.

Myth Fathers

Not to be rude to the rap community but it seems like most of the rappers don't have fathers. They have Myth Fathers, they were there when it came time to make the children but disappeared after. They are myths. In this case, just be glad you still have your mother who is strong enough to raise you.

After a while I'm sure you learn how it feels to not have a father. The best thing to do is make sure you don't repeat the cycle. To the Myth Fathers out there ... well you a myth so I don't know if you exist, but if you do ... You missed out on what I think is the greatest part of life, children. I don't have any of my own but I love most as if they are mine and it's the best feeling!

Strange Fathers

Lester Burnham from American Beauty

Lester is the definition of a Strange Father. He falls in love with is daughter's friend, quits his job, starts smoking weed, gets a job at a fast food resturant and did I mention that he really doesn't know his family all too well! He is just a strange man going through a mid life crisis. Okay, so you can go through a mid life crisis just don't embarrass yourself and family the way Lester did. I don't even think Lester's daughter wants him to be her father. Yes his wife is crazy but that isn't an excuse to forget your duties. If your father is a Lester, I hope you are about to leave the house soon or you have an alternate father.
Delusional-Confused Fathers

Royal Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums
Wow! Now these father's are a work of art. You would think they only exist in film, you wrong. The exist in real life as well. Now these fathers decided to leave their families for another family. Or maybe just for themselves. So their original family carries on with life and are absolutely normal and are doing fine without him. Then all of a sudden when the Delusional-Confused Father realises that his life is nothing without his original family he tries to come back! Now his original family has to be put on pause because he wants to play head of the house once again when the mother has done a good job in raising his children. So they basically decide to bring their confusion to a perfectly normal family. By doing this he puts them on pause if not rewind. These fathers can only be trusted once they realise their mistakes and decide who they want to be with. The only way to spare yourself of his confusion is to completely ignore him because that will cripple him.
Jake from It's Complicated
Charles Hawkins from Remember Me

Absent Father

It's quite simple, the father is nowhere to be seen. For days or weeks on end at times. He just arrives when he feels like it and usually arrives for a minute. Or only arrive when the children ask him to. Usually something terrible has to happen in order for them to realise that their family needs them.

These fathers aren't even attractive most of the time so for all I care they can be absent. But they missing out on amazing children and they children want a father. They are combination of ATM Fathers and Myth Fathers.

So now are you trying to tell me that we must marry men who could end up like the men above? No thanks! I could give marriage a skip.

Women who love men like this, might find it difficult but not impossible to fall out of love with him. But when he is your father it's not as easy to forget about him. You are biologically connected to him and could even look like him!

Now imagine, you have to deal with this disastorous man as your father. How will you ever be able to distinguish between a good man and a crazy man if your mother doesn't tell you that your father is crazy? I don't think fathers pay attention to the amount of responsibility they have when it comes to raising children. Yes, our father's come from a generation where most of their father's where Myth Fathers. But don't they remember how it was to have a Myth Father. Now some are repeating their fathers mistakes. Aren't mistakes their for us to learn from? Gosh! Some children have to parent grown men when they supposed to be raising us.

I know I have mentioned the strangest of fathers but there are fathers who are a little strange but are the perfect fathers, I think.
Almost Perfect Father

Phil Dunphy from Modern Family

Because there is no such thing as a perfect person I had to call this set of fathers almost perfect fathers. But I think they are perfect. They would do anything for their family. They know the difference between right and wrong and still know how to have fun with their children. Obviously Phil and Solomon come from two different backgrounds but one thing they have in common is the love for their children and wives!

Solomon Vandy from Blood Diamond
All fathers can learn from Phil and Solomon. They both have fun with their children but when it comes to being serious they are serious. They may not be the richest of fathers in terms of monetary value. But if it's one thing that they have that most of the others fathers lack, it's love and the ability to show it properly.

If you don't have an almost perfect father I know you have a perfect mother. Show your perfect mom this list and laugh about the father you don't have.

Just make sure you choose the right father for your child.


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