Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Best of Paris Fashion Week 2011

Paris Fashion Week has never been my favourite. This year is no different. I found most shows very similar. Sometimes I thought I was looking at the same show. Many different fabrics were used in all shows, lace, leather were favourites. Many dark colours as well which I find depressing for Spring/Summer. Nonetheless let's take a look at what I think was the best of Paris Fashion week

29 September 11:00

In all honesty, I loved the execution of these outfits. They were very well made. The outfits themselves ... not so sure.

It isn't the most cohesive show I have seen but individual pieces really did catch my eye. 

I also liked the selection of fabrics and colours. They weren't all dark and depressing like most shows.

Anne Valerie Hash
30 September 13:00

We all know I'm a lover of simple fashion and this show was the definition of chic and simple. I absolutely loved this show. This is how I would dress to work, if I worked at the moment.
I don't see why women don't dress like this to work now?

Lot's of blue in this show which still doesn't make sense. Isn't spring/summer is supposed to be brights but then again I just bought a navy dress.

Blue is going to take over this spring/summer but it's not the new black.
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Emanuel Ungaro
03 October 11:00

I loved this show. It reminded me of the ocean. It illustrated the type of spring/summer wardrobe I would like to own.

Print has always been big for spring/summer but it's the first time I'm seeing a print like this. We all used to that boring floral that makes it's way into every woman's wardrobe.

We once again see the use of blue and navy in this collection. I guess blue is here to stay. White, which was a big trend last year also makes it's way into the collection.
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Louis Vuitton
05 October 10:00

This was too magical. I wish I was there. It's the first time I have seen a runway set and collection actually work together as a unit. The set didn't overwhelm the outfits.
Absolutely amazing.

The clothes as well weren't too bad. I wouldn't wear these outfits all day everyday but I wouldn't mind owning one of them. The shoes could've stayed at the factory.

Kate Moss looked the best!

Louis Vuitton should look into doing weddings. Very well done.
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