Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Best of Milan Fashion Week 2011

Milan Fashion Week is one of the more dramatic fashion weeks. Not necessarily my favourite but I'll always find a show I love. There was a lot of print and simple silhouettes in this fashion week. Designers created drama through the many different prints that were used. Everything from Indian, floral even fruit was seen on the runway.

21st September 15:00

LOVED this show. The prints, colour and drama were out of this world.

Note to all designers: this is how you do print-overload!

The show was cultural and fun with some hints of tribal.

This is what women should be wearing in summer. It was an amazing show and I didn't mind the colour overload.
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Marco de Vincenzo 
23rd September 19:00

I loved the elegance of this show. The setup of the runway also complemented the show and it's outfits.

These clothes can't be worn by anyone. A certain amount of class is required and not the money-bought class.

I loved the print and the length of all the dresses.

23rd September 20:00

The glamour and elegance of this show seems timeless. I haven't seen a show like this in a long time.

Unintentionally this show puts people in a class system and I'm not talk about monetary class, I'm talking about how you carry yourself. Those of higher class are the only ones allowed to look at this excellence.

The clean lines seen on the dresses are beautiful and illustrate a somewhat modernism approach.
There isn't too much decor on all the dresses and those with decor aren't drowning in it.

Absolutely beautiful show. I loved the choice of colours as well.
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