Wednesday, 30 November 2011

365 Days Against Women And Children Abuse

It was 3am in the morning when my sister and I finally finished studying. We decided to watch some Katt Williams and Trevor Noah just so we can go to sleep laughing and smiling. We hear a girl scream but that was nothing new in our block of flats. We obviously don't live in a dangerous part of town but students are silly and love to have fun. So we thought the screams came from a game of hide and seek.

Twenty minutes passes and the screams turn into horror movie screams. In actual fact horror movie screams can't compare. I thought there was a bugrlar and she was screaming for help. I have never heard a scream like that in my life. Thinking that it was a burglar I closed my sliding door and the front door.

Then I thought about bullies. We always blame bullies for committing the crimes, but what about the audience who watches them commit the crimes? I didn't want to be the audience, then I again I can't really be the hero because I'm about five feet tall.

The screams do not end. They get worse and more frequent. Then we hear her talking to a guy. Possibly her boyfriend. Then I hear her say "Why did you hit me so hard". No I'm confused. Are they playing hit-hit or else are they really fighting? He says something but I can't hear what he says. Then we hear the sound of a body part hitting another with force which is followed by a painful scream. This is when I realised he was most probably hitting her. That's when I started looking for the phone number of the security gaurds. I couldn't find it so we decided to walk to the security gaurd booth. Just before we start walking they close their door. Now our apartments are quite sound proof. You can't hear much once the windows and doors are closed. But I could still hear her painful cry. I only hear people cry like that in movies ... wait, people don't even cry like that in movies. We walked to the security booth and by the time we arrived back they had stopped abusing each other, so we think.

Now it's 4am and time for me to sleep.
That's when I realised that domestic violence isn't only for husbands and wives. When I was younger domestic violence meant that the husband hit his wife. Now boyfriends are hitting their girlfriends in apartments rented by their parents. What provoked this change? Or else did this always exist? Do Rihanna and Chris Brown have anything to do with this?

If you live in Pretoria and are part of a certian social circle you know that this is not the first case of domestic violence. It's happened before and the guy is still walking around unharmed. And even though girls know he abused his girlfriends, they still go after him.

Are we really the generation that immitates what is shown on television? If we are then I can't say I want to be part of it. There is no excuse for domestic violence.

Most people think that physical abuse is the worst form of abuse, but there is emotional abuse as well which some women could argue as being worse than physical abuse.

I look down on guys who even make jokes about hitting their girlfriends and wives.
Domestic Violence isn't a joke.
For someone it's an unfortunate lifestyle.

Because I feel so strongly about violence I have decided to create a mini campaign. 365 Days Against Women And Children Abuse. South Africa has something similar but it's only 16 days. 16 days isn't sufficient. What about the other 349 days? Is appropriate to act violently towards women and children those days?

Please support my mini campagin by putting the badges on your blogs, tumblrs, websites, facebook pages, twitter, google+ ... whatever you use. If you want to print them out please email me and I will send you printable versions. Please put them in up hospitals, schools, libraries ... wherever! Just please spread the message. Women and Children abuse is something I feel strongly about and I want to try stop it.

Alone I can't make a difference but together we can.

Get The Code Here
Get The Code Here
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