Friday, 20 April 2012

Denim and Sequin

Denim is not only a staple but a classic. Sequins ... well if you like living on the edge it could be a staple. Not to worry, sequins is not only for divas and burlesque dancers. It is very easy to the trend sequins and incorporate it in every day wear.

In my personal opinion denim is one one of the best fabrics to pair sequins with.
Denim doesn't shine, unless you wearing metallic denim, this is why denim is the perfect partner for sequins. It's too completely different textures which can create many different looks.
I have always had an obsession with sequins but never knew how to wear it or what to wear it with. After viewing various street style blogs and pinterest searaches, it is safe to say that denim and sequins is a trend that works very well.

You can't explain a fashion trend without images. Below are various denim and sequins looks which should help you co-ordinate your denim and sequins wardrobe.

Jessica Shzor
My favourite denim and sequins look. The denim shirt is a must and in order to 'glam' it up, just add a little shine.

Had this look been paired with black bottoms it would have gone from casual to smart very quickly. The little shorts keep it very casual and fun.

Alexa Chung
Love the different  colours that have been used for this outfit. Beautiful
Jayma Mays and Blake Lively
Jayma's version of the denim shirt and sequins skirt outfit is the better option between these two outfits.
All my trend forecasts usual come with polyvore looks. Below are polyvore looks which serve as examples for how you can wear denim and sequins to any occassion.
Denim and Sequins Blog - Campus

Denim and Sequins Blog: Beach

Denim and Sequins: Picnic/Festival

Denim and Sequins Blog: Date Night

I don't think denim and sequins is a trend that will be around for many years but separately
people will still wear denim and sequins. One thing I love about this trend is that it can be worn day or night and during any season.

Sequins is not only for burlesque dancers so shine on!


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