Thursday, 31 May 2012

South African Expat Food Poll

Most South Africans want to travel the world. There is nothing wrong in that at all. Well actually, South Africans like ... I mean love eating! So which foods can they not live without? did a study and these are the results they came up with:
For about one week I asked readers to vote on the poll: If you were overseas, which South African Food would you miss the most? The answers were not too different from the South African Hotels' answers. I used readers who have been overseas and those who have not.
Here are the answers from my poll:

As you can see there are two foods which did not make the South African Hotels' list. Those are: Gatsby and Stoney. So what is a gatsby? Well it's something I've never eaten.

In basic terms, a gatsby is a whole lot of food. These are the ingredients: polony, salad, chips, onion, eggs and anything else you desire. It's very popular in Durban and Cape Town. This is one South African food I can live without but many could not.

Stoney is a cool drink by Spar Letta, the same company which makes Creme Soda. Stoney Ginger beer, it tastes like ginger beer which means I don't like it. I've never seen it anywhere else but South Africa. The ginger beer is a favourite for many South Africans.

As much as I would love to work overseas I know I would miss the food. When I was overseas the only food I ever food ate was hotel food or McDonalds. But I would like to know, why don't South African restaurants and hotels serve South African food? There are so many Italian, Japaneese, Chinese and Mexican restaurants here. When we go overseas, we end up eating what we are used to. Eating out doesn't become much of an adventure when overseas because you are so used to pizza even though, Italian pizza from Italy is 100% better than the one here.

I think South African food outlets need to invest in South African traditional foods and I'm not only talking about biltong and peppermint crisp chocolate.

For the expats who are overseas, no need to fear, there's a Online South African Expat Shop where you can buy anything and everything South African. Need Five Roses Tea they got it!

I won't lie, when I received this list from Adria Saracino I thought it could have been a joke because South Africans never talk about South African food. Most South Africans even deny that they eat any traditional food. There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional food, it is even much healthier than most Western food.

Here is a list of some South African restaurants that sell traditional South African Food:

Gold Restaurant
Mzoli's Place

Next time you thinking of eating out, maybe choose a restaurant that sells traditional food so when you overseas you don't miss it as much!


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