Thursday, 8 August 2013

David Tlale and Clinique Talk Hot Fashion and Beauty Trends For This Summer

Women's month is in August and the next month is September, Spring. Which means that women need to start getting their summer looks ready. I was lucky enough to get invited to a talk by David Tlale and Clinique about Hot Fashion and Beauty Trends for this Summer.

The talk took place at South Point on the 1st of August, the beginning of Women's Month. It all started off with some champagne and a few introductions amongst South African bloggers and Clinique staff. As we all mingled and ate from the buffet that was served to us, we waited for Tlale and started discussing what type of clothes would be on show.

There were several products on display and one could their makeup and nails done by professionals. Everyone had their smartphones in hand and started tweeting about the event and taking photographs of what attendees were wearing.

The first look that walked down the runway was for the woman going to work. Funny enough, on my way to the event I was thinking about how women do not dress well to work. Many South African women are trapped in the '90s when it comes to workwear.

"I believe in power dressing everyday because tomorrow you might die and people will fight for your clothes." - David Tlale

I think if women took pride in what they wear everyday to work, they would work better and even take pride in their jobs and careers.

Absolutely love the earrings from the collection

The second look was a sequinned dress paired with a belt. David Tlale loves gold and so do I. The more gold the better. After each model walked the runway, Nellie, Head of Education at Clinique would explain what type of makeup would suit each garment.

David Tlale and Clinique both explained that they were designing for women who want to be part of Johannesburg's new urban culture. The pop-up shop was located in Braamfontein which is where you can find women who work in corporate or are part of the new South African creative movement.

For his final look, an evening gown, Tlale mentioned that you could wear this gown 10 years from now. And he is right, it is classic and a guest even exclaimed "David Tlale vintage!".

All in all Tlale presented a very strong collection and Clinique did a brilliant at pairing makeup with each look. We also received a quick tutorial on the very popular BB and CC creams.

The event was lovely and I got to meet new people including several bloggers. I have always been a fan of Clinique makeup after my parents bought it for me and the event reassured me that Clinique is still the best.

There are new nail polish colours out and do take a look at their site to find out how you can order online.

Photograph from Clinique South Africa's Facebook Page
From The Left: Myself, Sylvester Falata, Jerri


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