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Pat McGrath

It is a fact that women love makeup. I love it as well. Many people still hold debates amongst themselves trying to figure out if it is necessary for women to wear makeup. My opinion, dressing up has the same effect as getting ready to act in a theatre production and makeup is part of the costume. However, we do not act in theatre productions every single day of the year which means makeup is not necessary for everyday, especially because women look beautiful without it.

Photograph by Norman Jean Roy. Published in Vogue, September 2007.
Most women learn about makeup trends from fashion magazines. Fashion magazines learn about makeup trends from runway shows. This means that fashion designers and the fashion makeup artists they consult with are the reason we wear makeup the way we do.

Pat McGrath is the most influential makeup artist in fashion and the reason why women wear makeup the way they do.
Christian Dior
The British makeup artist has no formal makeup training. She did however complete an art foundation course at Northampton College.
That art foundation course most definitely came in handy as she does not only do everyday makeup for everyday women, she is the creative behind the makeup for some of the best haute couture collections that have ever walked the runway.

Before she attended Northampton College, her mother trained her to be the makeup artist she is today.
McGrath and her mother would watch Hollywood films and take note of the makeup worn by the characters. Her mother, Jean, would also test her on different shadows of the eye.

“She trained me, basically, to do the shows, right there. . . . Look at the pattern, check the fabrics, look for the makeup—and begin.” - American Vogue interview with Pat McGrath

In 1992 McGrath started working at i-D Magazine after she became friend's with the magazine's fashion editor Edward Enninful.
If you have to look at a collection of photographs of all the looks Pat McGrath has created you will realise that she has created a look for every type of woman. She has done very minimalistic fresh faced looks and very exaggerated costume-like makeup.

"I'm influenced a lot by the fabrics that I see, the colours that are in the collections, and the girls' faces. It's always a challenge but that's the key - to make it different every time." - Vogue UK interview with Pat McGrath

Not only is Pat a makeup artist but she has been involved in creating various cosmetic lines. In 1999 she developed a line of cosmetics for Giorgio Armani.

"I was struck by the way she interpreted color and by her ideas about beauty and femininity.
Armani later tells Vogue. “She never used cosmetics to try to mask a woman.
" - American Vogue interview with Giorgio Armani

In 2004 she was named the global creative-design director for Procter and Gamble. With that title she is in charge of Max Factor, Cover Girl cosmetics and more.

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Christian Dior

Anna Sui

Christian Dior


Anna Sui


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During Women's Month I always write about women who have influenced the world we live in. Even though many might not think McGrath's contribution to the world is significant she is a good example of how a person who really loves something and became the best at it.

I'm sure Pat goes to work with a smile on her face every single day because she is doing what she loves and I don't think she didn't start doing makeup for the money. She is proof that you can be successful and make money from what you truly love.

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Once you influence fashion, you influence the world. Therefore Pat is the most influential makeup artist in the world.

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