Sunday, 9 November 2014

I See A Different You Exhibition | Stand Together Mzansi in Collaboration with Grant's Whisky

This past Thursday, the 6th of November, I attended the I See A Different You Exhibition in collaboration with Grant's Whiskey.
The exhibition which took place in both Durban and Cape Town finally made it's way to Johannesburg and was one of the best events I had ever attended in the city.

At other events, everyone is so cold towards each other and too concentrated on what everyone is wearing and who everyone is. It was the first time people actually came up to me and spoke to me without asking who do I work for and who do I know.

Vuyo Mpantsha, Justice and Innocent Mukheli are humble humans so it only made sense that the guests of the exhibition feed off their energy which is why everyone took time to get to know each other.

Together with Grant's Whiskey cocktails my sister and I toured the exhibition and looked at the photographs taken by the Sowetans.

The photographs document individuals in collaboration from Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
When looking at my photographs below you will notice that I didn't take many photos of the work. Yes, I was there to look at the photographs on display but I was more interested in the reactions people had while looking at them and the overall feel of the event.

I have never seen people concentrate on a single photograph as much as I did on Thursday. It was almost as if the photographs were talking to the guests. From a photography perspective, the photographs are beautifully breathtaking but it's the idea of collaboration that makes them even better.
In the video below you will hear Justice, Innocent and Vuyo speak about collaborations and how important they are.

Many people think that in order to make it in this world, you need to do so by yourself but no one ever achieved success by themselves. I See A Different You are a great example of how we need to stand together in order to achieve greatness.

Together with my sister, Thozama Mputa

Tumi Khobane and Thozama Mputa
It was a great event filled with beautiful people and even better exhibits. Many thanks to Vuyo Mpantsha, Justice and Innocent Mukheli and all the best with your work.

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