Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza Store

All Photographs by Daici Ano

I think I like Louis Vuitton's digital presence and overall identity more than their clothing. While doing research for another blog post I came across the photographs of the Matsuya Ginza Louis Vuitton store and I was blown away.

These days the identity of a company goes beyond it's product and digital design. Store layouts, packaging and the architecture of the buildings which house the products needs to make a consumer feel like he or she is part of the brand.

Jun Aoki & Associates are the architectures who worked on this magnificent building which is located in Japan.

From the architect. The new fa├žade of Louis Vuitton Matsuya Ginza is inspired by the history of Ginza, the city that used to be known for its art deco design. Ginza was the entrance of Tokyo, adjacent to Shimbashi, from which the very first railway station of Japan stretched to the port and led to the foreign Country. The “modern” atmosphere the forefront Ginza acquired derived from art deco patterns in relation to edo-komon, the pattern of traditional Tokyo and the highly abstract and stylized geometric pattern in repetition. -

The building was intended to have the spirit of Matsuya Ginza's art deco design but at first glance I don't see it as an art deco inspired building. Well at least it's not the type of art deco I'm used to. The design of this building embodies the design of Louis Vuitton and it does so beautifully.

The LED lights not only make the building beautiful but also inviting. I would definitely walk into the store at night and shop as if the world was ending.

This is a beautiful design and highlights the need for other designers to keep up with the times and make sure consumers are aware of their brand from all angles. Making beautiful products is not enough in 2014 and won't be enough in years to come.

The exterior of this store may not make it easier for consumers to shop for goods but you definitely won't forget the experience of being in this building and how you felt the first time you saw it. Those feelings will stick with you forever and you will be forever reminded of the experience as you enjoy your purchase.

Read more about the store at and more about the architects at


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