Monday, 15 June 2015

Rag & Bone Pre Fall 2016

Spring/Summer 2016
17 June 2015

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The dream is to eventually become a fashion designer. However I never knew what type of clothes I would make. Well I definitely knew that I would make the most simple clothes because first of all, I hate sewing intricate designs because I'm lazy and fashion shouldn't be complicated. I saw the Rag & Bone Pre Fall 2016 collection and I melted. It is exactly what I would show on a runway today, tomorrow, next season and many seasons after. It's a timeless collection that was created with pieces that will only make sense next year.

The collection borrows its silhouettes and style from menswear but not the 90s menswear we already used to. The lines in the collection have been softened for women.

To keep up with current trends the collection has bomber jackets, oversized coats and knitwear. It borrows aesthetics from the new comfort trend that is sweeping the world.

In terms of colour, the collection is painfully dull but who needs colour in winter anyway? Luckily red has been included in the collection for people who need to have a bit of colour in their wardrobe.

Accordion pleats, my favourite pleats, appear in the collect paired with an oversized shirt and sneakers. Not how I would wear it but I would take both the skirt and shirt any day. Speaking about shirts, the white shirt is a staple and needs to be any everyone's wardrobe. But what about the striped shirt? If you wear it incorrectly it could look like you are applying for a job at your local restaurant but pair it with the black shorts and you will win.

The long off pale blue knit jersey, I melt! Because of my height this would not be the ideal dress for me but if you have the height, please start knitting yourself one.

Rag & Bone have managed to create a collection for the woman who likes to pretend that what she wears is at the bottom of her priority list. As effortless as this collection looks, you are still making a statement when wearing any of these pieces.
It will be a while until this style infiltrates South African retail stores so get your sewing machine or credit cards out.


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