Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fisheye - Roll 1

As a present to myself I got a gold camera. Now I said gold camera before the name of the actually camera because when I went shopping for it, I initially wanted a gold camera.

After receiving a disposable film camera as a gift, I decided that film was the way to go seeing that my digital camera failed me. So my sister, who has been playing with film cameras for years, helped me find one and off to the Exposore Gallery we went. Initially I just wanted a plain film camera (please excuse my lack of film camera terminology) but when I saw the gold one I was hooked.

Lomography Camera Fisheye 2 is the name of the camera I got and even though I am not a fan of fisheye I am the biggest fan of gold. From the photographs below you can tell that I had a really fun time with this camera but the scariest part was getting the photographs developed. I was 100% sure that none of the photos will come out but as you can see from the feed below, they made.

Please view the photographs below and as much as sharing is caring, please don't share without asking.


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