Monday, 13 March 2017

Colour Us We Are Your Crayons - Photo Essay

My sister and I just recently celebrated another birthday. Just last year we were celebrating our 25th Birthday with an Afro Punk themed party at Robben Island. This year we decided to keep it in Cape Town and have all our guests dress in black.

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Many thought that we were paying homage to Black History Month, when in actual fact I just like how all black looks in photographs and I am very particular with photographs at a celebration.

The title Colour Us We Are Your Crayons came from the social media play on verbs and nouns that everyone was using this past December in South Africa. In order to show love for someone on social media you would write something along the lines "roast us we are your coffee beans" or "chop us we are your vegetables". So to keep up with the trend, I decided to also do a play with verbs and nouns. The term Colour Us We Are Your Crayons came from the fact that we would all be dressed in black and our personalities would be what coloured us in. A long explanation but apparently it was necessary as our Crayons, the guests, were so confused as to what we meant with regards to the term.

Like any event, the most stressful part of this birthday party was my outfit. I made two outfits which both flopped ... a bit. The first was a full sheer full length and long sleeved dress. Problem was that the sheer was not sheer enough and the sun was beating so I would have melted. The second dress was going to be made out of laser cut lace. Great idea, if only I made the dress in my size. So I opted for a plain black shift with detailed sleeves.

I also made the dress for my sister which was a full length sleeveless lace gown which was surprisingly a hit. I unfortunately don't have an individual photograph of her but you will see in the post below.

The back of my dress as well as the sleeve details. I couldn't be the birthday girl who arrived in a plain black dress so I had to do something to make the dress different. The pattern is the exact same I have used for all my other shift dresses. Apparently I was #RichMomGoals in this dress.

The cake for our birthday is the exact same we bought for last year's party from Velvet Cake Company in Cape Town. The only feature that was different is that we got a Barbie for it. We got the Barbie Fashionista Doll - 33 Fab Fringe. We obviously had to change her outfit because it didn't go with the theme. Her name is Brooklyn because when we bought her my sister and I had Alicia Keys' She Don't Really Care on repeat. The song speaks about two Queens, one born in Africa and another in America so it was necessary to pay homage. In terms of her outfit, I just got some black fabric from my mother and made a short belted shift dress with a high slit and we kept the shorts and boots she came with.

Below are a few photographs from the day. Please don't mind the quality, our camera has been offline for a few months now.

A very big thank you to everyone who came through and made this day as magical as it was.

Here's to another 26 years.


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