Monday, 31 July 2017

Mkay Frash Camo Party - Outfit Post

Hunting for Kicks founder, Mkay Frash did his Camo party during the Durban July weekend. The original party was hosted earlier this year for his birthday in Johannesburg. I unfortunately missed the Johannesburg one but was very present for the Durban edition.

When buying fabric, camo is always the most difficult to find. Stores always manage to get it wrong. In the past I have been l've been lucky and found mesh camo which I used for my sister and sheer camo which I used earlier in the year for a plain long sleeve top. So when I heard that the Camo Party was coming to Durban I was the most nervous person as I was not ready to struggle while looking for fabric.
Granted I do have camo items in my wardrobe but I'm not too fond of repeating outfits. I opened my fabric cupboard and found that I had enough sheer camo to make a dress.

I knew I was going with a group of girls so the first thing that came to mind was the Spice World film where the Spice Girls dressed in camouflage for one of the scenes. Posh Spice was in a camouflage dress so it was quite obvious which Spice Girl I was going to be. Destiny's Child also had a camo stint with Survivor but I wasn't quite ready to wear a swimming costume in the middle of winter to a party with no pool.

I decided on an ankle length sheer dress with an army green long sleeve and matching two tone leggings.

Paired with my white Reebok Classics, I was on of the most camo-ed people at the party. Scroll down for more looks from the party.

Left: Me, Phiko, Mkay Frash, Thozama Mputa, Khanyisa Songca, Chumi Nxiweni


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