Friday, 8 July 2011

Cape Town Tour

So the Cape Town buses, MyCiti, are complete. Now all South African's can pretend that they are in London because our public transport system is finally getting better. So we decided to take a trip with the new buses. Might I add we don't take public transport in Cape Town, well my siblings and I at least. Public Transport is a myth to us in Cape Town. Our mother is always there to drive us around, or someone else. Even the idea of walking is a myth.

So the trip was about to begin. Now, do we walk to the closest bus stop, could take around 10 to 15 minutes. Or do we drive to the main bus stop? The drive would be about 5 minutes and the walk to the stop would be at most 2 minutes after parking the car right opposite the stop. We decided to drive to the main bus stop. Like I said, walking is a myth. So we arrive at the Table View bus stop. The last main bus stop at the moment. I'm sure all these main bus stops have a name but I don't know what they are. The difference between the main bus stops and the normal bus stops is that the main bus stops are more like stations and the normal stops are just poles with signs at the top saying, MyCiti Stop. Anyway ... so we drive to the mall opposite the stop and walk to the station. We arrive and buy tickets and what do you know there are actually people there to help us and they explain everything. They even tell us what time the bus is coming. For a moment we even forget that we are in South Africa. Feels more like London if you ask me. Now, my sister and I have taken public transport in Pretoria. We know how people behave. My mother on the other hand ... The only form of public transport she takes is an airplane that either says SAA or BA. So she did not understand why people were making noise at the bus stop. We had to explain to her that it was normal. And then our journey began!!
This is the Table View Station. It is right opposite the Bayside Mall. As you can see, all types of people take this bus. For once in a while, there is no stereotype for public transport users.

The bus route so you can never get lost. And there are people working at the stations who will help you out if you need the help. There is even a proper shopping till where they issue your tickets to you.

You might feel as if you are far away from South Africa when you are in the bus. But as you look outside there is something to remind you that you are still in South Africa.

The artwork on the wall at the Civic Centre Station which is the main interchange station. From here you change your bus to go to either Waterfront or Gardens. Obviously these will take somewhere else en route.

A close up of the artwork.

Along the passage from the Greenpoint Station there are mosaics placed along the wall.

After our bus ride we went to the new park that was recently built. It seems more like a botanical garden if you ask me.

A close up of how one of the buses look.

Some of the mosaics
Everyone knows that Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the whole world. With this new bus system it has also become one of the most accessible in my opinion. The bus isn't even expensive. Everyone takes this bus. Every class , every gender and every race. Even people with cars take it.

No one can ever tell you they don't have a car because with MyCiti, who needs a car!
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