Monday, 25 July 2011

Amy Winehouse

It was a Saturday night, a couple of minutes past 6pm when my sister came out of her room and told me that Amy Winehouse is no longer with us. I was cooking dinner while she said these words. All of a sudden the dinner started to burn. It was like I was stabbed in the chest with a wooden knife. I didn't want to believe it. I made myself believe it was an internet hoax. How could this be true? We had just spoken about Amy Winehouse 2 hours ago with friends. Why would she leave us? It had to be a mistake. So I did what the social networking generation does, check social networks before news channels. And it was true. Amy Winehouse was no longer with us.

She might have not known me, but I knew her. We all did. She told us about herself in her music. Most singers claim to live their lives in their music but no one did it like Amy. It's either you were laughing at the immature men she involved herself with or you were saddened by her broken heart.

So I did what I always do, update my social networks. I could only write "RIP Amy Winehouse". I wanted to write more, but I'm not one for tears. It was Michael Jackson all over again for me. But this time was different. I could relate to Amy W's music. I'm not a drug user and I'm not old enough to have had the troubles she has had with men but she is a woman and so am I. We all relate.

People responded to the statuse with words related to heartbreak. But then one religious boy (after his actions I can't call him a man) relpied saying she is going to hell. I don't like being angry because I do things some might find regrettable but I couldn't let this one slide. I sent him a message telling him to have some resepct. He replied with his Jesus talk telling me I don't know the real Amy. I know the real Amy, he is the one who doesn't. I told him to take his Jesus talk and preach somewhere else and have a little respect and act like a religious man.
Anyway ... this post isn't about disrespectful people. It's about the musical genious Amy W.Amy W now joins the elite 27 club. In order to join you have to be of legendary music status and have passed away at the young age of 27. Whether or not Amy W joined the 27 club she still would've been legendary. No one was able to illustrate how their demons effect them like Amy W did.

Amy might have left us in biological terms, but we all know she lives on ... through her music.
RIP Amy Winehouse.

Look Sixty Three

You should be stronger than me,
But instead you're longer than frozen turkey,
Why'd you always put me in control?
All I need is for my man to live up to his role,
Always wanna talk it through- I'm ok,
Always have to comfort you every day,
But that's what I need you to do - are you gay?

Stronger Than Me

You've got a degree a in philosophy
So you think you're cleverer than me
But I'm not just some drama queen
Cause it's where you're at not where you've been
So what do you expect from me

Help Yourself

Though I'm rather blind
Love is a fate resigned
Memories mar my mind
Love is a fate resigned

Love Is A Losing Game

If my man was fighting
Some unholy war
I would be behind him
Straight shook up beside him
With strength he didn't know
It's you I'm fighting for
He can't lose with me in tow
I refuse to let him go
At his side and drunk on pride
We wait for the blow

Some Unholy War

I didn't get a lot in class
But I know it don't come in a shot glass



DaBlackSjp said...

RIP :((
We will never forget her MUSIC <3

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