Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Best of London Fashion Week 2011

London Fashion Week, the Fashion Week for the alternative. Now here you will see anything and everything. Boxes, plastic bags, leaves, trees ... you name it! But I'm not a lover of eccentric fashion unless it's on Lady Gaga. Luckily there were shows that I liked and that applied to the ready-to-wear idea.

Paul Costelloe 
16th September 09:30

The wardrobe for working males and females.

The prints may have been simple but the silhouettes were amazing. These are definitely not conventional work clothes but we have to move away from the boring normal outfits we have seen men and women wearing to work.

All the outfits worked together very well and it's the silhouette's that combined them, not necessarily the prints or fabrics.

Seems like workwear finally has a new image.
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Malene Oddershede Bach 
16th September 11:30

This is what London Fashion Week should look like. Colour, Drama and even more Drama. I loved this show and that is saying a lot seeing that I prefer my shows very simple.

I loved the bright colours and the length of the dresses. The use of different fabrics is a new trend which was illustrated very well in this show.

Absolutely amazing show. It was I perceive as London Culture on the runway.
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Emilia Wickstead 
16th September 12:00

I really liked the colours and prints in this show. Khaki is going to be a big trend this coming season and this show might have not been ultimately khaki but it was along the same lines. It was more Nude than anything else.

I do like lots of colour for spring but the lack of colour in this show is also tasteful for spring.
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Issa London 
17th September 20:00

Loved the summer feel of this show. It showed that colour doesn't have to be on the beach only. It can be in the corporate world, beach or even at home.

They types of dresses and other garments weren't original but it still was a beautiful show.
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Holly Fulton 
18th September 15:00

Many people speak about african motifs being an influence in the fashion weeks. The Holly Fulton show was one show that clearly showed illustrated this trend. Not only was the show inspired by Africa but it also seems as if it was inspired by the ocean.

I love how the African motifs were presented very subtly, they weren't stereotypical.

The show was beautiful and I love how the influences and inspiration was were visible.
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Beautiful Soul 
19th September 10:00

Very simple exhibition with very simple silhouettes and prints. These outfits illustrate ready-to-wear very well.

The idea of the show isn't entirely original but we can't deny it's beauty.

I also like how these outfits are transitional. Whether from day to night or night to day or seasonal transitions.
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