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The Best of New York Fashion Week 2011

In case you didn't know I am a fashion lover and Fashion Weeks are my all time favourite! New York Fashion Week took place this month and overall I found it quite disappointing. I found it quite experimental, too experimental for New York but then again I feel like we are in an experimental period. Let's take a look at The Best of New York Fashion Week 2011

United Bamboo
8th September 13:00

This is what New york Fashion Week is supposed to look like. This is how New York women should dress.

I loved the simplicity of this show. There were very few printed items but they still looked in place as their silhouettes were still simple. White has been very big this season and last season and khaki is starting to make it's appearance and will be big this season and more to come.

This show for me was for the working woman. Lawyer, businesswoman or designer, it didn't matter there was an outfit for everyone. A very subtle grunge feeling also comes through as they mixed some cottons with leather items.

The overall show illustrates what a modern woman should wear on a daily basis. The subtle Asian influence is lovely!
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Jason Wu 
9th September 14:00

I can't say that every outfit in this show was a favourite but overall it was a good show. It was what I imagined fashion shows to be like when I was younger. Well, on Bold And The Beautiful the fashion shows always had swimwear, workwear and ended off with a wedding gown.

This show was very similar to that. It had everything and anything, for anyone. I loved the floral print that was used throughout the show. Construction could've been better on the gowns but overall a good show.

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Loden Dager 
10th September 14:00

I'm definitely not the greatest menswear fan. Menswear fashion shows are usually all the same and boring. But not this one. This was a clear illustration on what tasteful experimental menswear should look like. There was a lot of colour and a lot of print.

I think the shoes could've stayed at the gym or at home but overall it was a good cohesive show. I also loved the influence of African print in this show.

It may take a couple of years before men dress like this every day but at least we are getting exposed to future trends.
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Boy and Girl by Band of Outsiders 10th September 19:00

I am a lover for simple fashion and this is what simple, ready-to-wear fashion is.

I also love how the clothes are an illustration of the name of the group. All the women in this show look like they can be part of one band. A very cohesive show and I love the colours.

The shoes are also a favourite.

Tracy Reese 
11th September 15:00

In all honesty this wasn't the greatest of shows. However I loved many of the individual pieces and I loved how this show actually illustrated Spring and Summer.

The ready-to-wear aspect of this collection is also amazing. You can plan a whole summer holiday from this fashion show. There were swimming costumes, dresses and anything else required for a summer holiday.

I also loved how the models were healthy looking and actually fitted the profile of the type of women who would wear these clothes

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Zac Posen 
11th September 19:30

I found this show too dramatic for New York Fashion Week but we can't overlook the amazing construction of the garments

The construction of these dresses was very well done. They all fitted the models very well and I loved how they were figure hugging.

The overall look and feel of the show wasn't original but the dresses were still nice to look at.
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Oscar de la Renta 
13th September 19:00

I know Oscar de la Renta as a couture designer. I've never seen a ready-to-wear, 'casual' show by him. I've only seen drama and even more drama.

This show was all the drama but calmed down into a couture ready-to-wear collection. I loved it. It's my favourite show from New York Fashion Week.

It illustrates elite glamour that can only be pulled of by de la Renta. This was more than just a show, it was art and each garment complimented another one.

Definitely my favourite show!
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