Friday, 30 September 2011

Kushandwizdom Collection

In case you didn't know, I'm obsessed with I think if it wasn't for me, South Africa wouldn't know kushandwizdom.

kushandwizdom is a tumblr made up of images and one-liners.

This blog was inspired by my persistent search on Tumblr to find a positive, inspirational guide for the every day smoker in our generation and to lighten the stigma attached to those interested/involved in the culture. In order for the message of positivity to spread, I decided to creative my own style in typography and upload pictures with quotes attached to a watermark of familiar faces. - kushandwizdom

Most people collect stamps or playstation games. I collect kushandwizdom quotes for myself and mostly for my friends. I have many friends who don't really understand the advice I give them so I show them kushandwizdom, hoping that they will finally understand what I'm trying to say.

We don't need self-help books anymore when we have kushandwizdom

These are some of my favourite one-liners.

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Anonymous said...

Wow cuz these quotes are amazing very inspiring that's for opening my eyes to KUSHANDWIZDOM:)think i've found a new love.

Anonymous said...

take a look,

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