Tuesday, 17 January 2012

69th Annual Golden Globes Fashion

White, nude and anything pale were the colours of the night at the Golden Globes. Very few wore reds, purples and blues but those who did seemed to be flawless. Unfortunately not many impressed. The display of dresses were quite mediocre this year actually. Let's take a look at the dresses that made us say YES!, the ones that made us say NO! and anything else inbetween.

Number 10: Ariel Winter

I love how this dress looks on her. It's not the greatest dress that was ever made but she looks good in it and she looks her age. The colour works for her.

Number Nine: Claire Danes

The back of this dress is absolutely amazing. I love the back more than the front.
Number Eight: Viola Davis

Love the colour on her. Love the shape and I love that she did a one shoulder dress. But that slit?
Number Seven: Angelina Jolie

I would of love to see Angelina in a bright colour. Something different, something bright. She does look amazing in this dress but it's just boring.
Number Six: Sarah Hyland

I don't like the belt otherwise she looks amazing in her vintage Chanel.
Number Five: Nicole Richie

I wish the dress was a different colour. Maybe blue. Otherwise she does look like a beautiful mermaid. Let's just change the hair.

Number Four: Charlize Theron

There was a little too much going on. A slit, a bow, a low neck line. It was quite raunchy for the golden globes come to think of it. But she looked nice. Her headgear was my favourite.
Number Three: Sofia Vergara

Too much going on with this dress. Mermaid dresses suit Sofia however there is too much going on at the tail of this dress. But the colour suits her very well.
Number Two: Sharon Osbourne

I love that she wore a print dress. This dress suits her age and makes her look amazing. As much as I love the print I would have not worn it at the Golden Globes.
Number One: Diane Lane

I love Diane Lane. The dress looked brilliant on her! It was quite boring a little more sparkle wouldn't of killed her but she does look beautiful.
Number Seven: Kate Beckinsale

This is a very Kate Beckinsale dress. But I guess rather be safe than sorry. White always looks good on her and this is no exception.
Number Six: Octavia Spencer

Love the colour on her. And I love that she chose a simple dress. Yes it has details but the details don't distract from the rest of the dress.
Number Five: Nancy O'Dell

Colour is brilliant on her. She has the right amount of sparkle.
Number Four: Jessica Chastain

Love this dress! I'm starting to love white red carpet. I never liked formal white dresses, except wedding dresses but this is just perfect. Her hair is amazing and so is her make up.
Number Three: Stacy Kiebler

One of the few red dresses of the night. It could only work on someone with a body like hers and she pulls it off. The back and the front of the dress is flawless.
Number Two: Shailene Woodley

Another white dress to love. It's simple and looks amazing on her and also good for her age.
Number One: Maria Menounos

Who would of thought that a yellow tight fitting dress would be my favourite dress at the Golden Globes? I have never seen anything so beautiful on a red carpet. The thing I love the most about this dress is that it is different to any other dress we've seen on a Golden Globe carpet. I love this dress so much I want it for myself.
Number Thirteen: Emma Stone

Emma really disapointed me this year. This dress was just sad. The colour, the shape, the everything. Unlike her, this dress wasn't fun.

Number Twelve: Reese Witherspoon

I really like Reese Witherspoon but this dress made me sad. It was a disaster! On camera it looked like plastic. Next time Reese.
Number Eleven: Jeanie Mai

In my mind Jeanie Mai and I are friends, besties. I just wish she could have consulted with me before she wore this dress. It's a disaster. She should have asked everyone around her, "How Do I Look".
Number Ten: Kelly Osbourne

Honestly, the colour is nice on her. However, the colour of her hair, the shape of the dress, the fabric of the dress ... disaster. It's very stiff and just unpleasant.
Number Nine: Katherine McPhee

The colour, the length, the fabric of the dress is just embarrassing. If she went for a tan before this she would have blended in with the dress. Why do the shoes match the colour of the dress?

Number Eight: Guilana Rancic

I don't like this colour on her and the dress is suffocating her. This was her second dress of the night. As you will see below, she should have changed into another dress.
Number Seven: Guilana Rancic

The dress is weighing her down. There is too much going on her someone of her frame.
Number Six: Julianne Margulies

It's like a carpet.
Number Five: Freida Pinto

Freida is really pretty. She does not need to do this to herself. This dress is boderline disaster. At least the colour is okay.
Number Four: Piper Perabo

The Golden Globes isn't a fairytale. There is no need for this. At all.
Number Three: Zoey Deschanel

I wish people took the Golden Globes seriously. This is unexceptable. I'm surprised she even got in.
Number Two: Missy Pyle

Nothing is nice here. Nothing. Okay, her smile!
Number One: Sarah Michele Gellar

Her child helped her pick it out. Obviously her child also helped her paint it

Combined List (Rated from Best Dressed to Worst Dressed)
  1. Maria Menounos
  2. Shailene Woodley
  3. Stacy Kiebler
  4. Jessica Chastain
  5. Nancy O'Dell
  6. Octavia Spencer
  7. Kate Beckinsale
  8. Diane Lane
  9. Sharon Osbourne
  10. Sofia Vergara
  11. Charlize Theron
  12. Nicole Richie
  13. Sarah Hyland
  14. Angelina Jolie
  15. Viola Davis
  16. Claire Danes
  17. Ariel Winter
  18. Emma Stone
  19. Reese Witherspoon
  20. Jeanie Mai
  21. Kelly Osbourne
  22. Katherine McPhee
  23. Guilana Rancic
  24. Guilana Rancic
  25. Juilanne Margulies
  26. Freida Pinto
  27. Piper Perabo
  28. Zooey Deschanel
  29. Missy Pyle
  30. Sarah Michele Gellar


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