Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Rihanna Returns To Chris Brown

So Rihanna has returned to the abusive arms of Chris Brown. Well we don't know if they are dating or not. It wont surprise me if they are.
So what does Rihanna's return to Chris Brown mean?
It could mean that she is human and like all humans, she's stupid. Women get abused everyday by their, boyfriends, husbands and even strangers, but not all of them return. Why did Rihanna return? Has she forgiven what he did to her? I believe in forgiving but I do not believe in forgetting. Sometimes you have to forgive someone for the wrong they have done to you. But I will only forgive once he or she has apologised. That means he or she acknowledges what they did wrong. But I could never forget what someone has done to me. Obviously I don't carry those memories with me every where I go but I know that their trust meter goes down by about 50%.
Most people are probably wondering why I care about Rihanna returning to Brown, "You don't know them, they don't know you!". Well it's safe to say that those people aren't reading this post. But Rih returning to Breezy is very important, especially for the youth of today.

This reunion either shows that forgiveness is possible or that some women are just stupid! Either way I hope this reunion serves as a life lesson to everyone one and this example is not applicable to abusive relationships only.

However this reunion could also set back the mindest of women to about 1000 years ago. If he hits you and apologises is it still okay? I know I said I would accept an apology but not for a beating! I could never. Maybe I could half forgive, or quarter forgive but there is absolutely no excuse for violence. Many women have said out aloud that they would return to their cheating spouses or boyfriends. Rihanna returning to her abusive boyfriend condones his abusive behaviour. I understand it's Rihanna's private life ... blah blah blah ... but when the majority of your fan base are women and girls under the age of 21 you have to set an example and it has to be a very good example. The example Rihanna has just set is confusing. It shows forgiveness is possible but it also shows that one can condone violence. This reunion is a contradiction and one that will hurt her image and influence the choices of many.
The only good that came out of this reunion was forgiveness, even though the forgiveness was for something unforgivable at times. Only bad things are to come of this reunion.

Good luck Rihanna.
We all know you need it!
365 Days Against Women And Children Abuse


Anonymous said...

chris brown must lay beats again...only way to handle a female

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