Monday, 27 February 2012

84th Annual Academy Awards Fashion

The number of disasters I have seen on this red carpet. I'm embarrassed. It was the usual combination of sequins, nude, pastels and disaster. Let's take a look at the very few good dresses and the terrible ones.


Number 14: Glenn Close

I really like the colour on her. But why is she wearing that ugly matching jacket? Why? It spoiled everything

Number 13: Gwenyth Paltrow

White always looks nice on her and the dress works well with her height. If only she could remove the cape.

Number 12: Angelina Jolie

I love Angelina Jolie and her boring style. The slit was a little much for me, but it's Angelina after all.

Number 11: Rooney Mara

I'm glad she is wearing white. I think this colour really works on her. But what are those cups on her breasts?

Number 10: Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne. This dress however would've been better if it was longer and maybe less sequins. Otherwise black looks amazing on her and I love the hair.

Number 09: Melissa Leo

This dress is not my favourite at all. But something about it intrigues me. I think it's the sequins and how it looks so good on a lady of her age.

Number 08: Jennifer Lopez

Trust Jennifer to bring bling to the carpet. It's a nice dress but not for the Oscars. Rather the Grammys.

Number 07: Nancy O'Dell

The yellow is a little much but the fit is amazing on her.

Number 06: Melissa McCarthy

I love the colour on her. I just think there is too much going on for her. I don't know where to look.

Number 05: Tina Fey

For years Tina Fey made the worst dressed list. To see her in something so simple and flattering is nice! If only there was more make-up, a little more bling.

Number 04: Maya Rudolph

I love Maya Rudolph and this purple looks amazing on her. I just wish it could've been in a different fabric and more extreme make-up

Number 03: Emma Stone

I love the colour on her. But that bow? It's overwhelming.

Number 02: Penelope Cruz

The colour is perfect. I just wish it wasn't as princess-y as it is.

Number 01: Guilana Rancic

The colour and the fit is absolutely amazing. It's what is supposed to be worn on the red carpet of the Academy Awards. However, the details don't do it for me. Less is More


Number 06: Penelope Ann Miller

This is the best example of good bling on a dress. She isn't screaming sequins at us and the fit is perfect for her.

Number 05: Kristen Wiig

This colour could have gone wrong in so many ways but it looks amazing on her. I love how her hair is so casual. She makes it alright to look comfortable at the Oscars.

Number 04: Robin Roberts

White and bling was a big trend this year and Robin looks flawless in it. It fits her nicely and she seems comfortable

Number 03: Shailene Woodley

I love white on her. Long sleeves could have been a problem on anyone but they look perfect in this dress

Number 02: Octavia Spencer

Brilliant! This is how a potential Oscar winner is supposed to look. The colour, fit, fabric, it all looks amazing on her!

Number 01: Maria Menounos

Once again Maria Menounos tops the best dressed list. This green is just amazing and I love how the dress has different shades of green in it. The dress is formal, it's fun and it makes her look like a princess.


Number 15: Berenice Bejo

I really like Bernice. I see how this dress could have been wonderful but it just didn't make it. I don't like this cleaning product colour on her. Maybe if the dress was in an orange or red it would have been better.

Number 14: Kate Mara

She looks like she's half asleep. The dress blends in with her skin. Disaster

Number 13: Cameron Diaz

No. What are those foil patches at the end?

Number 12: Michelle Willams

I really wanted Michell Williams to look amazing! She deserves to be dressed in the most amazing dress because she is so beautiful. I don't know why she chose this orange disaster. Minus the ruffles and it would have been better.

Number 11: Milla Jovovich

I understand white and bling were the themes of the night but what is this?! And that shoulder?

Number 10: Sarah Hyland

This dress makes her look old and boring. She's too young for this look.

Number 09: Natalie Portman

I don't like carpet/curtain dresses. Natalie does not deserve to wear this dress. She's too pretty for it.

Number 08: Missi Pyle

This blue? Really? Are we in pre-school?

Number 07: Shaun Robinson

No! This is just a disaster. I don't like foil-space dresses and this is one of them.

Number 06: Judy Greer

Another foil-space dress. There is no hope for this dress.

Number 05: Jessica Chastain

Dresses like this belong on the runway and the runway only. Jessica is too pretty for this.

Number 04: Louise Roe

Isn't she a stylist? I understand she tried to take a risk but this suit/dress/skirt is just not working. Nice colour!

Number 03: Busy Philips

A little effort didn't kill anyone. You were invited to the Oscars not your prom.

Number 02: Meryl Streep

Mrs. Academy Award winner herself didn't even impress on the night.

Number 01: Viola Davis

If you are nominated for an Oscar you can't look like a cucumber!

Combined List Rated from Best dressed to Worst Dressed
  1. Maria Menounos
  2. Octavia Spencer
  3. Shailene Woodley
  4. Robin Roberts
  5. Kirsten Wiig
  6. Penelope Ann Miller
  7. Guilana Rancic
  8. Penelope Cruz
  9. Emma Stone
  10. Maya Rudolph
  11. Tina Fey
  12. Melissa McCarthy
  13. Nancy O'Dell
  14. Jennifer Lopez
  15. Melissa Leo
  16. Rose Byrne
  17. Rooney Mara
  18. Angelina Jolie
  19. Gwenyth Paltrow
  20. Glenn Close
  21. Berenice Bejo
  22. Kate Mara
  23. Cameron Diaz
  24. Michelle Williams
  25. Milla Jovovich
  26. Sarah Hyland
  27. Natalie Portman
  28. Missi Pyle
  29. Shaun Robinson
  30. Judy Greer
  31. Jessica Chastain
  32. Louise Roe
  33. Meryl Streep
  34. Viola Davis


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