Monday, 24 June 2013

Monsters University Review

12 years ago, Monsters Inc was released. I was 10 years old. It feels like it was just yesterday when the friendly monsters showed us how to scare children in their bedrooms. 12 years later and Monsters University is being released. As a lover of all things animated and film, I found it necessary to write a film review.

I had promised to write film review blog posts but with almost no time to go watch films at the cinema, I have been unable to do such. Hopefully this post will encourage me to watch many more films and to write their reviews.

Monsters University might just be the best film you will watch this year. Without a doubt it is definitely the best animated feature film for 2013.

The Pixar film is based on Mike and Sullivan's friendship in University. Not only does it focus on their friendship but also highlights the trials and tribulations of a university student. Being a student at university, I know that it is not the best place to spend your days but you do create friendships that last a lifetime as illustrated by Monsters University. The film references various university stereotypes and pays tributes to all types of university cliques. Even though everyone has been monster-fied, Pixar still made sure their stereotypes were illustrated well.

Visually the film is absolutely amazing. All the monsters are a different colour and look different so it almost creates a visual palace for one's eyes.The story line is just as good as the visuals if not even better. Just like Toy Story 3, the story surprises you right until the end. The different characters will have the whole family laughing and you even find yourself cheering and clapping in the cinema.

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If you do not watch this film for the friendship and University struggles, at least watch it for the visuals.Anyone with a sense of good design will appreciate all the work that went into this film.

Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and Helen Mirren all lend their voices to the film. It is not necessary to watch Monsters Inc. before Monsters University but if you have seen it before, Monsters University almost feels like a reunion and it is nice seeing all the characters from the previous film.

Pixar has successfully created a university movie that can be watched by the whole family and is probably the most enjoyable film of the year.


Rahul said...

Good Movie....A perfect Prequel to Monster's INC. I loved the movie however the first movie was much cuter than this.

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