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The Best of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013/2014

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Milan Fashion Week always brings culture into fashion week, this year was no different. With that being said, some collections were a bit too colourful and it almost seemed as if they were trying to hard to be cultural.
Milan Fashion Week was a lot better than New York and London Fashion Week combined, however it seemed like some collections recycled trends from last year. That being said, this fashion week proved that power dressing has a new look and we should take the trends from the various shows into strong consideration.

Ermanno Scervino - 18 September
Photos by GoRunway

Ermanno Scervino is becoming one of my favourite designers. This season Scervino showed a collection which represented an array of woman.

Safari, grecian, '90s and floral all made up the trends that were featured in the 2014 collection.

The collection started off with safari inspired looks and transitioned peach, green and white grecian inspired garments.

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The softer peach gowns with the floral appliqué were a favourite for me while the '90s denim inspired garments were my least favourite. I definitely think peach and different shades of tangerine and red are colours one should consider wearing this spring and do not forget to pair it with floral appliqués.

Compared to last year's collection, Scervino still designs for multiple women however this year it seems as if his collection is a lot more cohesive.

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Photo: Gianni Pucci/
Alberta Ferretti - 18 September
Photos by InDigital

Milan Fashion Week always seems to be the most cultural compared to all of the other fashion weeks and Alberta Ferretti is a strong example of the unity between culture and fashion.
Peru and South Italy are all visibly part of Ferretti's influences for this year's spring collection.

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The first couple of pieces that walked the runway would have been very plain simple pieces without the bold and beautiful flower detailing. I really love this new white trend, to be specific, I really love how designers are using white as a canvas and painting various prints, patterns and embellishments onto the pieces.

I still can't decide whether or not I prefer the Peru inspired pieces or Italian ones. However what I can tell you is that Alberta Ferretti did a very good job at making it seem like one collection, inspired by one country.

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I can't say that the black items are a favourite of mine. Yes, they are beautiful but they are also a bit too sad for spring.
The gowns that made up the end of the collection are absolutely amazing.

All in all Alberta Ferretti showed a beautiful collection which mimicks everything that Milan Fashion Week has to offer.

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Fendi - 19 September
Photos by InDigital

Compared to last year, it seems as if this Fendi collection is a lot lighter. It looks like it is for the woman on the go who does not have time to be weighed down by fabric.

Safari is the only trend that has mimicked travel wear this season, but the Fendi woman is not going to see animals, well at least no animals in the wild.

There are some pieces in the collection which are a bit detached from reality so I can only appreciate the work that went into making them.

The one thing that makes this collection absolutely beautiful are the details that have been added. The items which have patchwork details are absolutely stunning and will most probably be copied in retail stores all over the world. The only other time I saw beautiful patchwork was at the Preen by Thornton Bregazzi collection at London Fashion Week.

I absolutely love the use of sheer, it makes the collection even lighter. It was a beautiful collection that will serve as the foundation for many retail stores and collections next year.

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Roberto Cavalli - 21 September
Photos by InDigital

If I were ever to be cast in a Lord of The Rings movie, I would like this to be my wardrobe. Obviously I would be the most glamorous elf in Middle Earth, especially with my snakeskin pieces and alligator jacket.

The silver biker alligator jackets are an absolute favourite of mine. I usually prefer alligator for menswear but Roberto Cavalli shows that women can wear it and make it beautiful as well.

The pastel ethereal looking outfits may seem delicate and romantic but only a woman with power could wear such.

There are very few times when ready-to-wear looks like haute couture, this is one of them. The fabrics and attention to detail in this collection blows my mind away.

For those who can afford to by Roberto Cavalli, I suggest you get yourself the whole collection and wear it every single day. This collection sums up what Roberto Cavalli is all about but it also rejuvenates the brand.

It is definitely one of the best Cavalli collections I have seen in a while and one of the best of Milan Fashion Week.

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