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The Best of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012/2013

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My favourite fashion week besides New York Fashion week is Milan Fashion Week. It seems as if Milan Fashion Week Designers recreate New York Fashion week by adding more colour, more elegance and a lot more culture. All shows are always so glamourous and feminine. At the beginning of fashion week it seemed that safari was the theme all designers decided to run with. However royal and colbat blue still prevailed at Milan Fashion Week. But Gucci decided on another set of colours.

Look At Backstage Photos of Roberto Cavalli's Spring/Summer 2012/2013 Show

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Gucci - 19 September

Gucci started the show with a bright hot pink and took us back to the sixties. The sixties trend which was also seen at Marc Jacobs' New York Fashion Week Show was carried on throughout the show, however the colours changed. The new blue, Colbat blue, turquoise, mint green and yellow completed the show.

I call this show, The Gucci Rainbow.

There were also a few snakeskin outfits which were borderline Roberto Cavalli.

Look At The Sunglasses Worn At The Gucci Show

The show consisted of gowns, jackets, shorts, high necklines and a few printed garments. The very few white garments were paired with orange and pink statement necklaces and earrings which was a nice touch. Statement jewellery is always the best way to transform a potentially boring outfit into one that stands out.

If it was not for the sunglasses, statement jewellery and statement colours, it would have been a very boring, plain collection.

Another very nice thing about the garments is that most of them had slits at the back. Covered up in the front, minimal exposure at the back.

Look At The Backstage Photos Of The Gucci Show

The collection for me was very tropical resort. I'd wear all these pieces while holiday-ing in the Bahamas or Bora Bora. I could even wear it to the desert. It's very Dubai.

A very cohesive collection and it was nice to see some real colour. So far many of the shows have presented us with a dark spring/summer. It's nice to see a change.

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Max Mara - 20 September

"Adventure is out there!" - Charles Muntz from Up

Adventure really is out there and Max Mara has planned your the whole wardrobe for your journey.

The heavily safari themed and borderline military collection and featured trench coats, shirt dresses and tube skirts. Even when the collection moved away from khaki it still remained very safari as the structure is what made it safari, not the colour.

Apparently leopard print isn't going away either. Max Mara showed an almost Roberto Cavalli leopard print, not a Jersey Shore leopard print. There was also a hint of plaid in some garments.

Headbands and wraps have been prominent at fashion week this year. This collection was a strong example of how one can wear a headband or wrap with any type of outfit. Obviously if you want to attend a formal event, the look of your outfit could be compromised when wearing a headband.

This collection isn't only for adventure. Theres a strong emphasis on the shoulders and strong collars were used. At times it was borderline power dressing. Either way, it's for anyone and everyone who wants a bit of structure in their wardrobe.

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Ermanno Scervino - 20 September

The show started off with a soft tangerine, it then moved to various shades of pink, mustard and finally the new season trend, black and white.

As simple as the pieces are from far, they are absolutely beautiful close up. The attention to detail of some of these pieces is just magnificent. Many of the pieces featured laser detailed cutting.

Blouses, skirts, dresses and gowns made up the collection. A collection fit for a holiday and a normal working day.

My favourite piece from this collection is the little laser black dress, that's the name I've given it. The black leather dress which was paired with black platforms can be worn during any season. Obviously pair it with the right accessories.

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Another favourite is an earlier piece, the feathered dress. It reminds me of the Modern Craft trend which boomed in late 2010 and early 2011.

This isn't a collection for everyone. To be completely honest, these garments will only suit people with certain body types but that does not mean you can't recreate the outfits in your own way.

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Fendi - 22 September

The sometimes De Stijl and Cubism inspired collection brought across a theme of power dressing. There was a strong emphasis on shoulders and collars.

Leather was used for some of the detailing which I just absolutely love!

Even though the main influence of this show was De Stijl and Cubism I couldn't help notice that it was also '60s inspired just like Marc Jacobs and Gucci.

You might not like the collection but you cannot deny the creativity  If you don't like the clothes then I'm sure you love the accessories.

The collection is very dramatic and luxurious. I think anyone wearing something from the collection would feel like a different person. I know I would.

There was texture mixing, season mixing ... it was a very grand show.

Look At The Backstage Photos of The Fendi Show

It's an everyday collection for the woman who lives a self-indulgent lifestyle and a once off collection for the woman who loves to spoil herself every now and then by attend a grand occasion.

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Antonio Marras - 22 September

The show might have been designed around a tea party setting but at times the outfits were far from your normal tea party dress code.

The first outfit on the ramp was a polka dotted camouflage jacket paired with a what looked like a painted flower printed dress. Quite far from what people wear to tea parties. However don't let the camouflage fool you, the show was fit for a lady.

Flowers were the first theme to be illustrated in the show. Jackets were accented with flowers and dresses were printed with them. At times it looked like a garden was on show.

The watercolour flowers made the dresses look very light and fit for a high tea. We have all seen flowers in print, especially this past season because of Dolce and Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2011/2012 show. However we haven't seen flowers like this. This is a more elegant way to do a floral print. There were hints of yellow and green which made the dresses look very delicate.

The flowers are very artistic and almost remind me of the Antoni & Alison collection that was presented at London Fashion Week. If you read the blog you will remember me saying that not only fashion designers are obliged to create their own garments and trends. We all can now paint our own prints and create our own trends.

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After the watercolour flowers the show transitions into a darker shade of spring/summer.
Various prints are still used and we see camouflage making it's appearance once again. The silhouettes of the garments also change and some are accented with polka dots. A pastel softer mint green/blue colour is also used on the clothes.

The collection also gives us statement collars, bra tops and shorts. It has something for everyone and for any type of tea party.

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Dolce and Gabbana - 23 September

I have loved Dolce and Gabbana for the longest time. This season, The Kings of Milan Fashion Week reminded me why I love their collections so much.

The very wearable collection was inspired by Sicilian culture and even caused an uproar as people claimed the earrings were racist. But let's not debate politics.

Orange, blue, green, bold exaggerated prints and this seasons biggest trend, black and white were all part of the show. So where Dolce and Gabbana's favourite '50s styled bra tops. Many garments were striped, others paired with striped outerwear, skirts or accessories.

Look At The Backstage Photos of The Dolce and Gabbana Show

This show is a clear indication that prints are still going to be with us for a long time and that stripes are making their comeback, but nautical stripes, sophisticated stripes, the kind European tourists wear.

Look At The Finale Photos of The Dolce and Gabbana Show

Speaking of tourists, this show was inspired by a tourist visiting Sicily. That's why the collection made so many people happy. As mentioned in previous fashion week blogs, it seems as if some designers want us to experience a dull spring/summer. At least Dolce and Gabbana has bought us some colour.

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As seen in the Gucci collection, there could be an emerging trend of pairing statement earrings with statement prints. That is what was seen at Dolce and Gabbana this season. To be honest I'm not against this trend, we have been experiencing minimalist trends for far too long. Unfortunately many people will abuse this trend just like they abused Dolce and Gabbana's 2011/2012 Spring/Summer collection prints.

It was a beautiful show and once again a trendsetter for this season. Thank you Dolce and Gabbana once again for an amazing show.

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Look At The Backstage Photos of The Dolce and Gabbana Show

Frankie Morello - 24 September

If I was a superhero, while incognito I'd wear this collection.

This was not the best show at Milan Fashion Week however there were certain aspects of the clothing that should become trends.

Stripes have been seen at numerous shows and we also saw them at Frankie Morello's show. However not many designers have played with geometric shapes.
Many of the blouses and jackets were lined with what looked like lightning bolt arrows. The use of straight line and geometric shapes is why I consider this collection a collection for woman wanting to release her inner superhero.

This seasons most popular colour, blue was used extensively throughout the show, so was different shades of purple and orange.
There was some sheer also used which was a favourite at London Fashion Week this season.

Different textures were also used which is something women are only really starting to experiment with now. At least Frankie Morello has shown us how to do it well.

All in all it was a fierce show and the use of a lightning bolt as a motif was very clever. Now we can all be superheroes.

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