Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Adidas - 2014 Stan Smith

Sneakers will most probably be the biggest trend of the '00s. I am still to buy into the trend as most sneakers seem too chunky for me and I am petite. A definitely would get a pair of flatform sneakers and that is about it.

However when I saw a pair of Adidas Stan Smiths, I was sold!
One thing I have realised when it comes to shoes is that, if you have not seen someone else wearing them you might be too skeptical to get them. If I had just seen the 2014 Stan Smith's in store, I would have never bought them because they look very plain and to ordinary. Pair them with an all black outfit and everything changes.

The tennis shoes which were introduced in the 1970s still have to pave their way through the 2014 sneaker trend. Nike has monopolised the sneaker trend but it is time we saw something different.

Normal Adidas gear flaunts the three stripes we are all used to but the 2014 Stan Smith's have perforations which align perfectly to create an illusion of the stripes.

Sneaker-heads have Stanley Roger "Stan" Smith to thank for these beautiful shoes. Smith is a former American tennis player who was ranked no. 35th in the 2005 edition of TENNIS Magazine's 40 Greatest Players of TENNIS Era.
The sneakers were ideally made for tennis but they soon became a fashion accessory.
In 1971 the first ever leather tennis shoes were renamed Stan Smith, after the no. 1 ranked tennis player of the year, Stanley Roger Smith.

The 2014 relaunch of the sneaker allows customers to personalise their own shoes which includes adding your own name embossed in the insole replacing the standard adidas logo.

A pair of sneakers that can be worn with formal trousers, shorts, leggings, in winter and summer are the perfect sneakers to buy. If I had get myself a pair I would wear them everyday to everywhere.

I have never owned a pair of Adidas shoes so I can't tell you about how comfortable they are but they should be seeing as designers wear them during shows and bloggers wear them outside shows.

The best way to wear any pair of white sneakers is with an all black outfit and the same can be said about the Adidas Stan Smith's. All black should your winter wardrobe staple so it would be a lot easier to wear the sneakers in winter.
However for summer, definitely pair them with a dress or shorts and you can never go wrong.

I don't really follow bloggers anymore especially because blogs have become stagnant. One blogger who I do enjoy looking at is Kenza Zouiten. The Moroccan Swedish blogger does a great job at pairing sneakers with day and night looks and is definitely my inspiration. I love Swedes so it is a match made in blogging heaven.
For More About Kenza Zouiten:
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If like me you are skeptical about getting a pair of sneakers because you are not sure where and how you will wear them, get onto pinterest and search until you find what suits you.

A classic pair of sneakers will always trend so it is best you invest in a great pair sooner than later. Stan Smith's are available online and at Stuttafords.

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Sofia Copolla in her Stan Smith's


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