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Tsilli Pines - The Figures

Trendland is one of my favourite websites. It is here were I find the latest news on anything and everything trendy. On Trendland I recently came across the work of Tsilli Pines a graphic/interactive designer and art director.

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Bad Credit
Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.

If you had to Google infographics you will find digitally created visual representations. Unlike what you will find on Google and Pinterest, Pines has made inforgraphics organic. Her work is named as The Figures and is a representation of how humans spend, live and deal with money.

The Figures

"Pigment, vintage paper, and cotton thread on rice paper. First shown May 1st - 31st, 2008 at Ogle in Portland, OR."

Artist Statement

"This series is about the topography of money in human consciousness, the constant parade of numbers in everyday life. The figures are at once imaginary and very real. I’m interested in the power numbers have in our lives, and how much they dictate, both psychologically and actually.

These pieces were made with pigment, vintage paper and cotton thread on rice paper. The color palette is intentionally restricted to red and black: the colors of accounting. The work details the extent to which I think about finances, and uses the historically feminine crafts of sewing, collage and rubber stamping to penetrate and explore the traditionally masculine realm of business in our lives."

Profit & Loss

The first time I came in contact with infographics, they were digital so it is odd to see someone else make their own infographics with materials a traditional artist would use. As odd as it is, it is refreshing. For years we have seen traditional art turned into digital, it is great to see digital turn traditional.
Who knows, we could slowly be going back to traditional art.

Profit Margins
Take a look at the rest of Tsilli Pines' work.
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