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The 71st Annual Golden Globes Fashion

Once again the Golden Globes were a disappointment. I think the problem lies with the stylists because fashion designers make beautiful clothes every year at the couture and ready to wear shows. A number of women need to release their stylists and hire new ones because there is no need for women to be looking plain and ordinary at award shows. Red and orange were the favourite colours on the red carpet this year and slits are still managing to make their way on the red carpet.
Let's begin with the women who make the okay dressed list.

Amber Heard does not look too bad in this navy Atelier Versace dress however if it were to be in a different colour maybe she would look great. Slits were trending when Angelina Jolie and Eva Longario did them but that time is over. I don't like her hair, it's very boring.
Amy Adams looks very nice in her red and orange Valentino dress but at awards such as these, nice isn't good enough. The side profile of the dress is very flattering, just don't ask Amy to face you. I absolutely love the colour on her but that is about it. I don't feel the need to look twice.
Amy Poehler looks nice but boring in the black Stella McCartney gown. I hate to repeat adjectives but the only way I can describe these dresses is by using the words, boring and nice. Like Amber Heard, if the dress was in a different colour, maybe I would have looked twice. Her choice was too safe.

It seems as if Cate Blanchett is wearing too much fabric. The Golden Globe winner is wearing a lace Armani Privé gown which is a bit too sad for the red carpet. The only reason why I didn't put her in the worst dressed category is because she actually put in effort.
Emma Watson wore pants under her Dior Couture dress. I love the colour but not the risk. But I do congratulate her on being one of the only women who takes a risk on the red carpet.
I'm very disappointed at Helen Mirren. Last year I put her as one of the best dressed, I don't know what happened this year. Like most women, her choice was too safe and makes her look ... well, makes her look like a real granny. I think all women should dress for the age but if you have the opportunity to look like a glam granny, then go for it. To make matters worse, the colour is not flattering at all.

Julia Louis Dreyfus wore the colour of the night, red. It was a boring Narciso Rodriguez gown but it made her look younger. She would have looked a better if it was something different but in the same colour.
Julianne Margulies looked just alright in Andrew Gn however I can say that out of all the okay dressed women, she looked the best. It is something different and black looks very good on her. Just wish she could have changed her hair.
Kerry Washington looks okay in this pale green Balenciaga gown. The baby bump was the obvious statement of the night but she could have dressed her look up. One thing I can say is that she really does know how to dress up a baby bump.

Kyra Sedgwick looks beautiful in her peach gown. I love how she didn't dress like she was 90 years old and at the same time didn't try look 19. I just wish the dress wasn't so plain but I guess you can't have it all.
Laura Dern looks just alright in this Roberto Cavali dress, if you ask me it doesn't even look like Cavali. I don't like brown, if this dress was in a happier colour maybe Laura would have worn a bigger smile on the red carpet.
Louise Roe looks amazing compared to her previous red carpet looks. This Monique Lhuillier dress looks really great on her, however the cut outs and lace are just not working for me. It makes the dress look a lot cheaper than what it is. Nevertheless great effort from Louise.

I love Michelle Dockery, well I really like her character, Lady Mary in Downton Abbey. If you watch the show you will know Lady Mary is a very well dressed woman, I wish Dockery took a few tips from her character because this stiff Oscar de la Renta gown is a quite boring. Don't get me wrong she looks amazing, but what happened to the life of this dress? It looks dead.
Naomi Watts was a stunner on the red carpet last year, at all award shows. I wish this year she looked as amazing as she did last year. This mermaid fabric dress by Tom Ford is too plain compared to how amazing she can look. I hope next year will be another big year for her.
Olivia Wilde looks beautiful in this floor length Gucci dress I just think it is a bit too wild for a pregnant woman. The fabric is making a big statement but she should just let her baby bump do the talking. Nevertheless, great effort!

Reese Witherspoon looks so boring in her Calvin Klein dress. Calvin Klein is known for being simplistic but this dress is just too simple. Colour looks amazing on her but I wish we could see something exciting for once on the red carpet.
Rosci Diaz tried to bring the glam to the carpet but this '00s looking dress has too much going on. Colour looks good but there is too much fabric.
Sofia Vergara wears the same dress every year just in a different colour. This black Zac Posen ball gown is way too dramatic for the Golden Globes and her jewellery makes the whole outfit look tacky. She does look good in the dress, she unfortunately wore it to the wrong award show.

Taylor Swift obviously heard that she was on my worst dressed list last year. She might have not made it to the best dressed list this year but she is on her way there. The only thing I didn't like about this Carolina Herrera dress is that it is a bit too safe and surprisingly makes her look a lot younger. I think it's the combination of black and red that makes her look like a South African girl going to a Matric dance.
Uma Thurman actually looks terrible. She has the height to pull off this Versace dress but I think the fabric is weighing her down. The only reason she isn't on the worst dressed list is because she took a risk and this outfit is not a complete disaster.
I love Zooey Deschanel and as cute and quirky she looks in this Oscar de la Renta dress is, it is a bit too much. I love how it's different with the crop top but the skirt is just not working for me.  I wish it was floor length. Otherwise colour is great on her.

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We finished with the okay dresses from the Golden Globes, now prepare your eyes for the worst dresses on the red carpet this year.

Ariel Winter looks terrible. There is too much draping going on, it doesn't fit and her hair is very boring. She is also too short for the amount of action happening on this Michael D. dress.
Berenice Bejo is a beautiful woman so I am not sure why she opted for a V-neck dress draped in roses. She is wearing the colour of the night but it does absolutely no justice to her and the '00s hairstyle just makes everything worse. Giambattista Valli makes amazing dresses but this one does not suit Bejo at all.
Caitlin Fitzgerald's blue Emilia Wickstead dress is not the worst we have seen but is also not the best. We are not on the set of the Mad Men and this blue hurts my eyes. The fabric also looks very cheap.

Elisabeth Moss looks terrible. There is nothing else to be said here about this J. Mendel disaster.
Emma Thompson looks alright in Lanvin but that gold top is just not working. Maybe if the skirt was longer she would have looked better, maybe. Please don't ask me about the lady behind her.
Gabourey Sidibe is one of my favourite people in Hollywood but this Rani Zakhem dress is not a favourite of mine. It's just too shiny for a woman of her size.

A trio of terrible black and white dresses await to be judged. Hayden Panettiere looks absolutely awful and is in the running for worst dressed in this Tom Ford dress. I don't know who told her this almost Gauteng matric dance looking dress would like nice for the red carpet.
Jennifer Lawrence's Dior Haute Couture dress doesn't fit. White looks good on her but it does not fit her at her waist.
Julia Roberts decided to wear a shirt under her Stephane Rolland dress. Something South African woman do all the time. I just wish she knew she was on the red carpet and not shopping at Canal Walk.

Julie Bowen went back to 2009. Women should not be wearing red and purple anymore because the days of colour blocking are gone. This Carolina Herrera dress fits her well but the colour and fabric make it look like a high school project.
Kate Beckinsale looks like a transformer. Her Zuhair Murad gown looks like it is made from metal. The fit is great but she should consider a different fabric next time.
Kate Mara is at the Golden Globes every year, yet I cannot tell you about anything she has acted in. I can tell you that she looks terrible at each Golden Globe red carpet and this year is no different. This J. Mendel dress has too much shine and too much draping. At least her hair looks good.

Lena Dunham looks a lot better than she did last year but that doesn't mean she looks great. This yellow Zac Posen gown is screaming at us. The colour is great but it's not for the Golden Globes.
Lizzy Caplan tried to hard to make a statement and it flopped. This Emilio Pucci make it looks like she is wearing snakes on her arms. Not nice.
Mila Kunis looks like she is drowning in this Gucci gown. She isn't tall enough to carry this dress but the colour looks good.

Without a doubt the second worst dressed of the night is Paula Patton. This Stephan Rolland dress is not doing her any favours and neither is the extra fabric that is meant to look like ruffles. This is what happens when you try too hard. She looks amazing in white but this superhero-spandex fabric is just horrible.
Rashida Jones didn't make an effort. Her Fausto Puglisi palm tree dress is too informal for the red carpet and it doesn't look like the slit was sewn properly.
It looks like Sandra Bullock is wearing a colouring in book. Enough about that Prabal Gurung disaster.

Sarah Paulson isn't wearing the worst dress but it isn't nice either. It looks like a Disney Princess dress gone wrong. The colour of this Marchesa dress is drowning her out it almost was too sheer at the bottom.
Tina Fey should retire from the red carpet. I hope this Stella McCartney disaster will be her last red carpet dress.
Zoe Saldana wins the award for worst dressed at the 71st Annual Golden Globes. The unfortunate part about this disaster is that she thinks she looks good. At least she is confident. Prabal Gurung needs to stop dressing these women because it is quite obvious he doesn't know what he is doing.

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As usual, the Best Dressed List is the shortest of them all. As I mentioned from the beginning, the Golden Globes this year were a disappointment so I say thank you to the women who tried their best and to those who put in some effort.

Emma Roberts looks gorgeous in this black Lanvin dress. She even looks like a Golden Globe winner. Her hair is tied back and the earrings match well with the neckline of this dress. Job well done.
Guiliana Rancic looked amazing at the Golden Globes this year and is a runner up for best dressed. This plum Lorena Sarbu dress has detailed embellishments on the bodice and fits Rancic as if it was tailor made.
Jessica Chastain stuns in a black Givenchy dress. I absolutely love this neckline on her. She is a good example of how simple can look beautiful.

If you do want to wear print to the red carpet, ask Kaley Cuoco for advice. This Rani Zakhem dress is not as formal as all the other dresses on the carpet but it is something different. It's romantic and an illustration of what we have been seeing on the runways.
Lily Rabe's Georges Hobeika gown is not the best dress that walked the red carpet but it there is something amazing about it. I love the sheer and the nude, it makes it a classic beauty.
Lupita Nyong'o was a favourite amongst many this year and a favourite of mine. This bright Ralph Lauren dress looks beautiful on her and in terms of colour, she made the right choice. Another example of how simple does not have to be boring.

Margot Robbie shows us how to wear a slit properly. This dress is definitely a bit risky for the red carpet but she managed to pull off the risk. I love the hints of green in the Gucci garment and she worked with it well.
Maria Menounos is a resident on my best dressed list and this year she did not disappoint. Wearing her favourite colour, Menounos kept it simple in this Max Azria Atelier dress. The dress suits her personality and she definitely was one of the brightest on the carpet.
Sarah Hyland looks so mature and beautiful in this Georges Hobeika gown. I love the high neckline and how the dress gradually becomes darker towards the bottom.

Surprisingly the best dressed at the 2014 Golden Globes was Ms. Golden Globe herself, Sosie Bacon. The daughter of Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick kept it youthful in this gorgeous mauve Rhea Costa gown. The dress fits her amazingly and I love the details. Not only is it a beautiful dress but her hair and makeup also look amazing and she didn't overkill her look by adding unnecessary jewellery.

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