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The Best of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015 - Menswear

It was so painful to write this blog post. In actual fact I almost didn't add London in my menswear fashion week round up as the collections were horrible. Do London Fashion Week (LFW) designers no longer believe in effort? By the way things are going I can also become a designer and show at LFW.

The Best of Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2014/2015

I think the problem with LFW is that everyone tries so hard to be different and eccentric because that is how most young London men dress. But why not give them something different? Show them a new way of dressing instead of creating the same hideous collections.

I only managed to find two gems this season. It's not that all the shows went horribly wrong, there was just not anything worth talking about.

Christopher Kane
16 June 2014

This was not the most organic collection I had ever seen and that is why I loved it. Straight lines and square shoulders was the aesthetic for this collection and it worked.

I love the boxy look the show had and how it looked like one would have to walk like a robot in order not to crease the fabric.

The addition of bright colours is also lovely and towards the end of the collection it almost looks like Christopher Kane wants people to go on a holiday somewhere tropical.

The Best of Spring/Summer 2014 Menswear

One of my favourite items is the t-shirt with the transparent sleeves. I absolutely love it especially because men hardly wear anything transparent unless they are dressing up in costume. The borderline lime green coat is also great but I think it's construction is even better.
The grey parka paired with the bright trousers is a great outfit and perfect for light summer rain outings.

The best thing about this collection is that it is a good representation of what London fashion should be. It is not overly eccentric and dramatic. It is beautiful in it's simplicity and there is an item for any man.

It was a simple collection and you can definitely count on seeing some of these outfits recreated at a retail store near you.

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Burberry Prorsum
17 June 2014

Christopher Bailey nearly failed this year. If it wasn't for his print scarves and turquoise garments this show would have not made it to this list. What pulled the show down are the hats, oversized winter jackets and colour blocking sneakers.

What I do love are the velvet blazers. Christopher Bailey has always found it difficult to differentiate between seasons so it is no surprise to see a velvet blazer worn in spring and summer.

The denim jackets are beautiful and are a staple in a man's closest. The ones displayed at Burberry can be worn for years as they are not defined by current and future trends.

The Best of London Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 13/14

The trench coats were lovely but I don't see why one would need to wear one in summer. The oversized red trench was the most beautiful but once again, a trench coat in summer?

The print t-shirt is absolutely wonderful and the gem of this collection.
In the middle of the collection there is a turquoise cardigan paired with matching trousers and a printed t-shirt, what a delightful combination that is.
The magenta outfit in the middle is was also a delight. Bailey really did get his act together during the middle of this collection.

Not only did the middle and end of this show save Christopher Bailey, it also saved Burberry and LFW from being a complete disaster.

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